Day 23: Holidays in Cashe

Kash city is love at first sight. A total of 180 kilometers from Antalya with her "all inclusive" and completely different Turkey, another rest. It may affect the fact that we rest in the middle of October and tourists here there is little, so calm, cozy and very good. We have never regretted that they have extended accommodation in our two-level apartments with a swimming pool and will spend here a couple of days. We do not build a grand planned plans for today, you want to slowly walk in the whale, swim in the sea and just rest. Therefore, after breakfast, we will go for a walk around the city to watch it a few sights, and then go to the beach to buy in the sea.

Morning cup of coffee overlooking Greece

Despite the fact that Kasha stands on the site of the ancient port Antifelos, known in the IV century BC, the ruins of that period here are very few. Yes, and in general, there are almost no sights in classic, everything can be inspecting literally in a few hours.

Until 1923, it was the Greek city of Andifli and only in the first half of the twentieth century he became Turkish and received his current name. Greek past was very printed on the appearance of the city. Kash more resembles a village on Peloponnese than the Mediterranean resort in Turkey.

Architecture Turkish, but get rid of the feeling that you are complicated in Greece

The first point of our program is to try to climb the tombs that we have noticed from the balcony. These are typical Lycian burials, but not refined for tourists, such as the city of the world in the demre, and the most ordinary, nobody follows them. Passages to some of them are blocked, as they pass on a private territory, but to some, if you try, you can get close. We decided to try.

Lifting to one of the tombs

But there are no stairs everywhere, to some need to climb directly along the mountainside

There is nothing unusual in these tombs, just a niche in the wall. Local residents are accustomed to them and do not even consider landmarks, some even embell them in their lives and use as storage rooms.

One of the tombs right on the veranda of the city cafe

The most famous tomb of the IV century BC is almost in the center of the city. She is called the tomb of a lion, since these animals are used in her decor.

Lion tomb in Kashe

Another popular attraction of the city – Antique Theater. It is well restored and is one of the most visited places visited by tourists. Personally, it seems to us that the architect who designed this theatrical hall did not really believe in the talent of the artists, so there was places in such a way that the audience loose at the sea. It does not matter what happens on stage when you have such a beautiful view.

Antique Theater in Cashe

If you take a little further further the theater, then on the top of a small hill you can find a few more tombs. And if there were quite a few people in the amphitheater, then before here none of them got to – we examined them alone. We have noticed them from our balcony, but could not find any references to them or at least the Google Card marks to understand how they are called. When preparing an article on the sights of porridge, we will still try to dig up, what is this tombs.

Unnamed tomb porridge

Here, in fact, all the classic sights of the city. Despite the fact that there are few here – you can walk around the city for a very long time: drinking coffee in cute cafes, buy unusual souvenirs, there are fresh almonds and just enjoy the rest.

One of the cafe in the porridge

Kash city - a piece of Greece on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey

Not fried almond with ice

You can rent a yacht on the embankment or go on a sea walk. We decided that we need to go to the flooded city of Kekov. We heard a lot about him, but never got on this excursion. Chose one of the yachts, signed up the next day and went to the beach. In the season, sign up for a similar excursion at once quite problematic – queues are painted for many days ahead. In October, the proposal exceeds the demand, so the prices are very humane and can not be planned in advance. If you come to the port in the morning, then you can probably float even on the same day. What is nice, no prepayment with us was taken, we paid money after the end of the excursion the next day.

One of the companies offering sea travel

Beach in Casha a few, but to say that among them there is something unusual difficult. Most of them offers bathing from pontoons. If you want a beautiful place to stay, then you need to go to the beach cappula. Other beaches beaches. In October, there are almost no one on the beaches, how not and entertainment. At best there will be a small cafe. We bathed in the sea and decided to ride through the peninsula, which in the evening I observe from the balcony.

According to the owner of our apartments, there are expensive hotels and private houses of rich Turks. Single cottages of Turkish oligarchs. Views from the road opens amazing, but besides the road, there is especially nothing to watch, the whole area in private property. Occupied by or houses, or hotels, so in love with the views go home.

Cottage with beautiful view

At home, Maxim went swimming in the pool, Sergey to look after him, and Natasha was preparing dinner with stunning sea views. In general, we got the perfect apartments, we would gladly spend more time here, maybe in April-May, when it is not very hot, but it is already quite comfortable to ride around the surroundings and watch interesting places.

Parents enjoy the view from the window

Our modest dinner overlooking a million

This is how the next day of our autocouplement on Turkey ended. Sometimes I want such calm days more when you are not in a hurry anywhere, inspect those places that you are interested in and do not look around for a list of Must See. Perhaps once we will learn to travel like that, but for now only a few days per vacation come out here such perfect. Tomorrow morning we will go for the whole day in the sea: according to plan an inspection of the flooded city of Kekova and a lot of bathing in the sea. Do not switch.

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