Kash Resort – Description, Pros and Cons

Where is the resort Kash? What is convenient and uncomfortable here for Russian tourists? What spa area to choose how to choose a hotel? What are the beaches in the whale? Read the answers and see detailed maps of the resort of Kashes and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey.

News of the resort Kash

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced 2020 by the Year of Patary. This ancient city in the province of Kas, where Saint Nicholas was born. The ministry has committed an obligation to advance tourism in Pataru in every way. Naturally, according to the results of 2020, the tourist boom did not happen. But we hope for a good season 2021.

Where is

The city of Kas is located in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast. It is the capital of the region of the same name on the TEKE Peninsula in Antalya Province.

To understand the location of the porridge on airports and other resorts, see Near the Mediterranean coast map of Turkey, click on the map to enlarge.

Antalya and Antalya Airport are located 190 kilometers to the northeast, Dalaman Airport in 190 kilometers to North-West.

Distance to the largest cities of the country: Istanbul – 840 kilometers north, Ankara – 680 kilometers in northeast, Izmir – 440 kilometers northwest.

Spa resorts porridge: north-west resort Fethiye, east resort demre.

Kash is considered the most Western (extreme) resort of the Mediterranean coast. Located on the west, the resort of Fethiye is already accepted to belong to the Aegean coast of Turkey, as Fethiye is already in the province of Mugla.

Description of the resort

The resort of Kas is within the borders of the Kashe region. Here are four large resort areas: the city of Kash and the Chukurbag Peninsula, town of Kalkan, the village of Gelevish. Each zone has its own features, let’s talk about every zone a little later and give a map of Kashe.

The resort of Kas is not like the Turkish resorts familiar Russians – Antalya, Belek, Kemer, Side or Alan. Russian tourists are accustomed to a long beach line, along which large hotels built. There is no long beach line at the resort, nor big hotels. There is only a long beach next to the village of Gelemic, but there are no hotels along this beach in general.

On Turkish standards, the porridge can be called a small resort – here there are only a couple of dozen full-fledged hotels. There are about a hundred apart-hotels, guest houses, mini-hotels. However, if you enjoy search engines and hotels on the Internet, you will see dozens of hotels with stars. Know that these stars "drawn", trust these stars unwise. Conclusions: Carefully learn the hotel photo and reviews.

Also two hundred villas and apartments for renting tourists. In general, the resort of Kash is more like Aegean resorts of Turkey than the Mediterranean. We will talk about hotels in detail below when we consider four resort zones porridge.

The area of ​​KASH is incomplete – only 55,000 people of permanent residents. In the tourist season, at the expense of visitors of the tourist sector, the population increases to 100,000 people.

The region is very warm, here even grow banana trees and ripen bananas. For example, in Antalya or Kemer, banana trees are growing too, but the bananas cannot mature on them, too cold. And in the area of ​​Kas Bananas ripen!

In general, in Turkey there are only a few areas where bananas are grown in the open ground. Vintage low – 70 256 tons collected in record 2015. About 200,000 tons of Turks bananas are grown in greenhouses. Crops grow every year. In total, the country consumes about 500,000 tons per year, and soon the Turks are going to find "banana independence", that is, do without imported bananas. And the region of Kash in this independence should play an important role.

In the area of ​​Kash, there are only two spheres of economics – Tourism and agriculture. In addition to bananas, oranges, tangerines, lemons. Almonds are grown in the foothill areas and are engaged in beekeeping.

Mountain areas (most of the territory) are not used by persons in economic purposes. Mountains covered with coniferous forests. Kash is considered one of the best trekking and mountain trips in Turkey.

Another tourist specialization porridge is diving. Sea in Cashe more transparent than the rest of Turkey’s resorts. In the city of Kash now 15 diving centers. They offer immersions at 50 interesting points, you can watch the bomber of the second world (in the photo nearby) and sunk in the 50s cargo ship.

For divers there is a unique place, called "Archeopark Kash". Here at the bottom of the sea, the reconstruction of the ancient ship was loaded with a cargo on board. It is interesting to try yourself as an underwater archaeologist? Then go to porridge.

In addition, local diving clubs offer dating programs with marine animals – turtles, octopus and other. There is no big port in Cashe, maritime livery here is not dissolved by people.


First advantage – little tourists. At the resort of Kash hotels, hotels are small, respectively, holidaymakers a little. There are always free on the beaches, in restaurants, on landmarks.

Interesting fact. On some public beaches for sun loungers and umbrellas do not take money. It is surprising that in Turkey it is generally possible! Beaches provide sun beds for free, and earn on beverages and snacks. Such a system has developed precisely because of a small number of vacationers.

Second Advantage – Patars and Kaputas Beaches. Patar Beach is located near the village of Gelevish, Kaputas Beach between Park and Calkan. This is one of the best beaches of Turkey, here is soft, small, golden sand, which is found in Turkey only on the beaches of Marmaris and Belek.

There are no hotels on the beach of Patars, since this area is announced by the reserve – this is the place of nesting sea turtles. In hememic hotels are located away from the coast, within the village.

Third advantage – unique local cuisine. Kitchen area Kas is famous for unique dishes and an abundance of seafood. The main local combination is seafood and fish + olive oil. Here stunningly prepare lobsters, shrimp, squid, sea perch, kefal, mackerel, grouper. Cuisine Cuisine Secrets Crash in the tradition of using spices – Salfa and Thyme.

Any seafood dish or expensive fish varieties in the caress will cost about 1.5 times cheaper than in Antalya or Kemer, and even more so in Belek. Fans of seafood Kash recommend primarily.


The first drawback is far from the airports. From Antalya Airport to go 2.5-3 hours (190km), from Dalaman Airport as well – 2.5-3 hours. By the standards of Turkey, it is very long. Not very pleasant after the tedious flight and for a long time to go to the hotel.

The second drawback – no All inclusive. In small hotels, it makes no sense to prepare a buffet with dozens of dishes. Yes, and bars in such hotels it makes no sense. Tourists in the resort Kash go to eat to local restaurants, alcohol buy in stores. The benefit of restaurants and shops here is enough.

There are also its advantages in this, because the choice of dishes in the restaurant is clearly wider than on a buffet. It is possible to try all the variety of Turkish cuisine. And there is a lot of interesting dishes. Read our detailed reviews: "The best dishes of Turkish cuisine", "Turkish dishes, familiar to Russians" and "The best Turkish sweets and desserts".

The third drawback – almost no hotels with the beach near. Beaches of Patars and Kaputas are undoubtedly great, however, they still need to get. From hotels in the village of Gelevish to Patar Beach Tourists walk 2.5 kilometers on foot. Agree, half an hour on the heat on foot – this is the pleasure of doubtful.

From Patara’s hotels and Kalkan to Patar Beach you need to go to a taxi or dolmosh (minibus), and then go on foot, which is also not very convenient.

Here, tourists will have to count on local beaches. And with local beaches here everything is not very good. An example of how the typical local beach looks like, look at the photo next, click on the photo to enlarge. We will talk about the beaches immediately in the following parts of the article when we talk about resort zones.

City of Kash

Kash resort consists of four resort zones: Cook and Chukurabag Peninsula, town Kalkan, Glemish village. On the map below, see their mutual location, the designation of the beaches and all the necessary distances. Click on the map to enlarge.

Town. Kash is a small city, a population of about 6,000 people. Do not wait here to find big and elegant restaurants or huge supermarkets. Here everything is "on provincial": cozy cafes and small souvenir benches. However, everything you need in the city are: two supermarkets, ATMs, pharmacies, hospital, have a taxi.

Hotels. To the city of Kash and nearby surroundings about 30 hotels and guest houses. All hotels here are small. Official stars are only two: Ekici Hotel 3 * and Kekova Hotel 2 *. And Ekici Hotel is the biggest porridge Hotel – 75 rooms. The rest are even less, for example, Kekova Hotel – only 24 rooms.

Resting at the hotel in Kash Convenient, near shops, cafes, restaurants, two supermarkets. There are local attractions, talking about just below.

Beach. The situation is deplorable, and this is to gently express. There is no big beach here. Almost all coast stony, swim dangerous. There are several small pebble beaches that are always crowded.

Some hotels have built wooden structures on the stones, something like big piers. Umbrellas and deck chairs are installed on these structures. In the water you can go down the stairs.

If you rent a car or bicycles, then the problem with the beach is easily solved. 1.5 kilometers south-east from the city there is a wonderful pebble beach of the Bulic. Beach is free, rental equipment – 10 Turkish lire for 2 sun loungers and an umbrella. Current course of the Turkish currency, see our article "Turkish Lira".

4 kilometers west from the city there is another wonderful beach of Akchagerme. There is even a swimming pool and water slides. The slide is only 3 pieces, on a full-fledged water park "does not pull", but at least something.

20 kilometers west from the city is the beach of Kaputas – one of the best in Turkey. Clean, soft, Golden sand and blue water. Do not be lazy to do 20 kilometers, it is worth it.

5 kilometers south there is Choban Beach, which is considered one of the most picturesque in the whole Mediterranean. Getting to him on land is very difficult, you need to go on the way to the end, and then walk about 1.5 kilometers through the forest. This is a coated beach beacted. 12 kilometers there is a pebble beach inheren, here it is already convenient to drive away by car.

Chukurbag Peninsula

Turks called "Yarym Ada". Located in the west of the city of Kash, separated from the "Big Earth" by a narrow cage. This place is considered elite in the resort Kash. In addition to hotels and couples of restaurants there is nothing. However, the Peninsula can be quickly reaching the city, Dolmushi (minibuses) go here. Sit down to anyone you see, they all go to the city.

Hotels. On the peninsula Chukurabag two dozen hotels, all the hotels are small. Half of them – this is boutique hotels. This is a rare and almost unfamiliar to Russian tourists format, so let us explain.

Boutique Hotel is a small hotel, no more than 20 rooms. The rooms are highly comforted, the usual room in the boutique hotel is equated to Lucca. There is no shortage of sun beds by the pool or tables in the restaurant, since all this is kept more than guests at the hotel.

Rest in boutique hotels on the Chukurbag Peninsula relatively inexpensive – $ 150-200 per night. The most expensive and chic here boutique hotel is Kas Peninsula Gardens.

Beach. With beaches on Chukurabag Peninsula Also the situation is crying. Stony coast, for swimming is unsuitable. Many hotels have their own artificial terraces and stairs to the sea, here such designs are called "Terraced Beach".

You can go (go) to the Hidayeth Beach, which is located in the eastern part of the peninsula. Find easy, passing by a plant for cleaning sewage waters, it will immediately be this beach. Or a little further there is a municipal beach of Kash, he is a little more and from the plant away. To these beaches can be reached by Dolmoshev.

Or take a rental bikes or cars and go to the beaches that we talked above when told about the city of Kash.

Town Kalkan

Town. This is a small village – the population of 2500 people. However, everything you need here: Big (by local standards) MIGROS supermarket, pharmacies, restaurants and cafes. Especially many catering establishments near the harbor.

Hotels. In the city of Calkan and the surrounding area of ​​about 30 hotels and guest houses, about 100 villas and apartments for tourists. Two hotels have official stars: Soothe Hotel 4 * and Happy Hotel 3 *. These are large in local standards hotels – 70 and 50 rooms. The rest of the hotels are even less.

There are several boutique hotels, the most interesting: Likya Residence and Asfiya Sea View.

Beach. The situation with the beaches here a little better. Stony shore, along the coast there are very small (up to 10 meters in length) pebble beaches. There are "terraced beaches" at hotels. Next to the harbor is the only major (by local standards) The beach is called "Calkan Public Beach". It is small – about 150 meters long, but people here usually not so much.

If we rent a car or bicycles, you can go to the beach of the cab in the cab in the photo above, click to enlarge), it is 7 kilometers southeast. Or on the beach of Patars, 17 kilometers to the west.

Village Gelevish

Located in the west of the region of Kas, 40 kilometers from the city of Kash. The village is not on the seashore, and 2.5 kilometers from the beach of Patars. It is the beach of Patarsa ​​is the main advantage of rest in Hemish. But on this advantage ends, flaws begin.

Infrastructure developed weakly: there are no large stores, there are no pharmacies, there are only a few restaurants.

Hotels. In the village of Hememic dozen little hotels. All hotels are located in the village, there are no hotels on the beach at all, as Patar Beach is a protected area, here nesting sea turtles. From any hotel to the beach will have to go 2.5 kilometers.

Beach Patara paid, the price is 7.5 lir per person for 10 visits. If you want to watch the ruins of the ancient city of Patars, then take a combo ticket (ruins + beach) – 15 lir per person for 10 visits. Umbrella and two sun bed for all day – 25 lir.

The length of the beach – 12 kilometers, the places just enough. However, be careful, on the beach are fenced out the sites of the turtles. They are categorically prohibited.

Weather and tourist season

The beach season in the caress lasts the same way as in other resorts of Turkey – from the end of April to the end of November. Details in our article "Weather and season in Turkey".

Note that in the cashe high humidity – 60-70% in the summer months. With such a high humidity heat to transfer hard. Yes, and the wet climate in itself does not like many. If you want a low moisture, then look at the Aegean coast of Turkey – Bodrum, Kusadasi, Didim, Cesme, where the humidity in the summer is only 40-45%.

Kash Resort - Description, Pros and Cons


Their little, but on 7 days of vacation quite enough. Regrettable that there is not a single water park or amusement park. Children in the resort Kash will be clearly boring.

Ruins of antifelos

The city of Antifelos was founded as a small settlement and a port at Hellos, who was further from the coast. Over time, the settlement has grown noticeably, in the era of the Roman Empire, the population was about 10,000 people.

Antifelos was right on site of a modern porridge, ruins scattered throughout the city.

Approximately 500 meters to the west of the port of Poros, near the road on the Chukurbag Peninsula is not badly preserved and renovated amphitheater. In the Roman era, after the last restructuring, he accompanied up to 4 thousand spectators.

The rest of the ruins in the city are not so interesting. The foundations and walls of several houses are preserved, parts of sarcophagus.

All this can be viewed free, opening hours – around the clock.

Lion sarcophagus and rock tomb

If you go from the port to the east, then on one of the intersections you will see a large sarcophagus – one of the most beautiful and most of all found Lycian sarcophagus.

It is installed on a large pedestal, the heads of Lviv are banging at the top on both sides. Sarcophag dates back to about 400 year d.N.NS. On the surface there are inscriptions in the language "Lycsky b". There are only two inscriptions in this ancient language in the world, this is the first, and the second is located in the city of Konynk (Turkey).

Because of the sizes and decorations, this sarcophagus called the "tsarist tomb", although it is still unknown – who rested inside.

Further east there are several Lycian rock tomb. At night they are highlighted. Inspection of sarcophagus and tombs – free. Opening hours – around the clock.

Main Square

She is the "Republic Square", she is "Ataturk Square". Naturally located in the center of Kash, next to the pier.

On the square there is a monument to Mustafa Kemalia Ataturk. Interestingly, in Turkey there is at least one city square without a monument ataturk? Probably there is no such.

Around shops, cafes, snack bars. This is the main place in the caress for shopping. But consider what you need to bargain.

South of the Harbor Square, here you can sign up for a cruise or hire a yacht for a walk around the sea. Here are also looking for diving centers, their record concentration here.

Some tourists are trying to find a supermarket on the square (or in the vicinity), it’s logical that it should be somewhere here. No, supermarkets are not here. To get to the supermarket, you need to go into the harbor and go from the harbor in the Ataturk Boulevard 400 meters, you will find Carrefour and Migros supermarkets.


Kekova Island is located 30 kilometers east of Kash. The island is now uninhabited, but once there was an antique city that was destroyed and partially flooded during an earthquake in the II century.

Now the ruins of the city are under water, some sarcophages and remnants of buildings protrude above the water.

From January 18, 1990, the Zone of Kekova Island under the protection of the state. In the zone of antique ruins, it is categorically prohibited not only to dive with the aqualung, but also to swim in general. Only with the permission of the authorities. However, ships can swim here on a strictly defined route.

Getting to the island is now impossible in a legitimate way. The only option to see is to order a tour of the ship. During the excursion, tourists are watching underwater ruins and the fortress of knights-hospiters. By the way, the fortress is on the mainland, you can see it without an excursion.

About the excursions Read our article "City Kekova".

Peace and Church of St. Nicholas

The ancient city of the world was on the site of the modern city of Demre, which is 45 kilometers east of porridge. In fact, this place is already not in the resort of Kas, but at the next resort Demre. Not quite a local attraction.

Here is well preserved an amphitheater with a capacity of up to 8000 spectators. There are two big necropolis – Lycian rock tomb. Recently, archaeologists started the Roman baths and a large granitor, built in the rule of Emperor Adrian.

In the III-IV centuries in the city of the world lived and served the Saint Nicholas. Here he is honored as Saint Nicholas. Ratio or Wonderworker. The English-language world knows more under the name Santa Claus.

Tourists watch the Church of St. Nicholas, where his sarcophagus is located. It has long been there for a long time, they were taken out in the 11th century Italian merchants, now the power is kept in the city of Bari in Italy. In addition to sarcophag, you can see magnificent frescoes.

It’s important to know

– Calculations prefine in the Turkish lies, and the euro and dollars take far from everywhere. Get ready to change money, read our article "Currency exchange in Turkey";

– Main transport in the resort Kash is a taxi. Prices are quite high, tariffs for different regions, see our article "Taxi in Turkey";

– To understand how much money will be needed on food, transport, communication, excursions and souvenirs, read our detailed review "How much money to take to Turkey";

– Kash is famous not only by bananas, here is a great variety of local fruits. Calendar of Collection and Prices See our article "Fruits in Turkey".

Successful holidays in the resort Kash, and read our interesting pages about Turkey (List of articles below).

Kash Resort - Description, Pros and Cons

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