Krugobaquica railway or "round-baked"

Trans-Siberian Railway Highway Customized «Steel belt of Russia». And the round-baikal railway, or «Round-baked», with the light hand of Emperor Nikolai ІІ – «Golden buckle» On this belt.

Probably, everyone traveled by land transport (trains, buses) such moments were: in a boring city landscape or a monotonous natural landscape outside the window suddenly breaks some «Hello from the past» – Little Red Pricky Build Station Building in Style Style of Architecture Stable, Dick Viaduct, Fancy Arch of Concrete Tunnel, Pieces Bridge Supports or Water Tower, Like Brick Terem. Flashed – and remained in memory, how sometimes it remains the accidentally opened page of some kind of old book. Engineering architecture monuments are still still used by tourist firms as attractions, round-baked – happy exception.

So, the round-baikal railway – Length of railway track 89 kilometers, laid along the coast of the deepest Lake Baikal in the world. Operated KBD as a plot of Trans-Siberian Highway from 1904 to 1949. Now it is – The deadlock railway line from the Slyudyanka station on the Transsiber to the port of Baikal, is mainly used for tourist purposes. On it five existing stations – Kultuk, Martuy, traveling 137 km, Ulanovo, Baikal, and 38 tunnels, a total length of 9063 meters (the longest, cape half – 778 m), as well as 15 stone galleries, three reinforced concrete galleries with holes, 268 retaining walls, 248 bridges and viaducts.

All these objects – Unique, built on the author’s projects of Russian and Italian engineers and the architects of the beginning of the 20th century, were not rebuilt in subsequent years. In Russia, in the saturation of engineering structures, there are no equal, worldwide such railways – units. It is in this that the main value of the round-baked object as a tourist facility, plus the possibility throughout the path to admire the unique Baikal landscapes.

Krugobaquica railway or

Travel firms recently began to master the round-baked button, but the successes are already undoubted. On a unique route there are several comfortable trains and rail buses, some – on the locomotive pull. Tourists on the way are given the opportunity to take walks along the coast and Pribaikal taiga, and in winter – even make a small ski rider.

The most comfortable way to travel around the round-baked – on retro train «Baikal cruise», In jewelry cars equipped with shower, air conditioning, biotales. There are both themed sv coupe, with the interiors in the style of Nikolai second era and the corresponding attributes – Photos, cards, posters. Traveling in such a train for lovers of native nature and domestic history – A real gift.

Krugobaquica railway or

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