Latvia It is famous for its folk traditions that the local people honorably respects, as well as the research of urban architectural complexes. Among other things, there are no few resort areas in the country located on the shores washed by the Baltic Sea. In ancient cities, you can watch landscapes decorated with ancient castles. The territory of the country is covered with water bodies, forests, mineral sources.

The distinctive feature of the resorts of Latvia is that even at the height of the season there is no annoying crowd of tourists, which allows guests to take time with comfort. Even the sensational Jurmala does not boast crowded hotels. Sanatoriums in Latvia are not so much, most of them are just beginning to build and develop.

Every Soviet citizen dreamed of getting on the shores of Latvia. During the existence of the Soviet Union, Latvia – was the most cherished place to relax. Primorsky vacation at the resorts of the country was considered very elite.

In short, Latvia today – This is beautiful and at the same time a little careful nature, modern, but at the same time, the native heart of each resort with a slight trend of the West, an excellent climate and mass of impressions from the festivals and holidays annually in the country.

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  • voltage: 220V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
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Top cities and resorts of Latvia









The best regions, cities and resorts of Latvia

Conditionally, all resorts of the country can be divided into several species: balneological and climatic zones, as well as mud resort areas. Each of them has its own pronounced character.

Of course, the most important resort of the country, where tourists are aspire every year, not only for the sake of primitive rest, he and for the sake of musical festivals.

Jurmala will offer vacationers magnificent hotels, rehabilitation areas where you can get to get and relax. The city is surrounded by forest arrays that give fresh air. Nearby there are mud and mineral springs. The natural zone is located in close proximity to Riga, on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

The country’s architectural heritage is worth a look at the third largest Latvian city – Liepaja. It is here that the largest seaside recreation area is located. And how many in the city of historical buildings. Also the city boasts magnificent beaches. Winners of blue flags – beaches of the tourist center – Ventspils, Sea Resort.

In addition to sea resorts, Latvia will offer tourists ski slopes. The best snow-covered slopes is located in Sigulda. Runs run through the forests of the National Park Zone Gaui.

For family couples and beginners in this matter, we will advise you to go to the resort of Kurzeme. To learn the conquest of heights can also be on Riga’s tracks. The city itself is able to give tourist saturated excursion programs on the extended streets and the surrounding area.

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