Lithuania, Vilnius: KGB, Cats and Cheese

A day to dedicate another museum of occupation, or rather – genocide, after which you can relax and do something useless.

The Occupation Museum in Riga was very curious, decided to go to Vilnius to a similar. By the way, in Tallinn also has.

Here we went further than our fellow and dedicated exposure directly genocide. In general, the essence of the same as in Riga, but the emphasis was placed on repression and humiliation of the Lithuanian people.

The museum itself is posted in the former KGB building, so all the necessary attributes are available, including a basement with cameras, a shot room and other. Almost everything talks about the activities of the USSR from 40 to 91 years. For several years of the occupation of Lithuania, the fascists are somehow modestly lit – only one room, where they painted the details of the hunt for the Jews.

It turned out to be much greasy than in the Riga Museum. There was a terrible time – so much people were killed for rather ambiguous ideas. Good that we live in a completely different time.

Lunch today in a cat cafe, where it is full of cats with whom you can play at will. Every cat has a story, we can read separately and they are, of course, the main exhibits.

This comrade is clearly in its place – right under his photo.

Lithuania, Vilnius KGB, Cats and Cheese

As in a similar cafe in Minsk, where we visited not so long ago, visitors here much more than cats and everyone wants to stroke someone,. The meowing breeding of all this love is clearly too much, they are tired of people and do not seek to communicate with someone. Well, okay, but the salads here are delicious.

In the evening in the shop, where at the box office the guy asked an interesting question: "How do you in our bad country?". She is bad, with his words, with its sales greedy politicians and politics in general. Says it is to us, tourists, here a couple of days well, but you will live in Lithuania 23 years old, you will be very different to think. We, in Russia, everything is much better, says. Well, he knows. That politicians and officials are almost everywhere, I think to argue meaningless.

What we are poorly informed, it is generally difficult to reason. But we can talk about physical specific results. We, for example, cannot in Russia now buy a normal cheese, which enjoy here in Europe as a whole and in Lithuania in particular. If you compare supermarkets, the difference is also evident – there are no old women, crossed out rotten cucumbers and potatoes (hello to Auchan). Everything is somehow civil. Although, justice, I note – we got here to bombed a week, which had to throw.

If you think very well to think about what we are here with this guy complaining to each other and remember the beginning of today – how well, guys, that we are about these problems are concerned, and not to where to find and how to tell the wrong Anecdote in a unchanged company. We do not need to fight daily, to fight for freedom, we have almost everything. So in good time we still live! Well, without Camumbert, somehow survive on something;) Moreover, from this, a real French, who is terribly to get out of five bags – smells so much that it seems to faint and demands that I eat it exclusively in the toilet.

Lithuania, Vilnius KGB, Cats and Cheese

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