Loch Ness Lake (LOCH Ness Lake)

Going to the UK, tourists most often have already heard about the mysterious Loch-Ness lake in the center of Scotland and living in it or the dinosaur, whether a huge fish known in the whole world as «Lohannes Cudische».

For several decades, a lot about Lochnesian phenomenon, brightly and fascinating the press, in recent years – the Internet.

If for a while you forget about the mysterious monster, then the Loch Ness Lake (LOCH NEST) is presented by the object, for which it would be worth going very far. Beautiful, large, second in the area and the first in depth in all of the UK. Length – 36.3 km, maximum width – 2.7 km, and the maximum depth – almost 227 meters. Located 37 kilometers south-west of the port city of Inverness.

The famous Lake Loche Ness, like many other lakes of this region of Scotland, has a glacial origin. At the same time, due to the high content of peat in the ground, the water in it is very muddy.

The surrounding landscape – Typically Scottish: wooded mountains, picturesque green meadows with grazing sheep and very clean air. All this can be seen almost throughout Scotland.

But tourists go to Lake Loch-Ness, Clear, do not take pictures of sheep. Their imagination exciteed the stories of people, supposedly seen «Lohannes Cudische», Numerous photos and video materials on this topic. Footprints of the mysterious lake monster are lost in ancient times. Crank first in writing is mentioned in the Christian chronicles of the VI century. And before that, his stone sculpture allegedly saw the Roman legionnaires came to the British Islands.

Loch Ness Lake (LOCH Ness Lake)

Then – centuries-old silence, and in the twentieth century – a real informational explosion. "Lochnes Kindish" in 1932 allegedly saw some Mrs. Mak-Donald. Then – some married couple. The photo of the monster did not slow down – a small head for a long neck made me remember the dinosaurs and plesiosaurs. Further – more, "Lochnes Kindish" began to meet many people. In 1957, the Plaid Book Constance White "This is more than a legend", 117 stories "eyewitnesses" collected in it. The "collective image" was created – a massive body with a long thin neck and a small head.

The scientists did not remain aside, but the studies of the lake of clarity did not contribute – it seems there would be some incomprehensible signals of echooles, obscure traces at the bottom, and nothing. But it was noted that the growing information about the "Lochnesian monster" occurred simultaneously with the approach to him of civilization: the construction of the railway, flights of airplanes, and T.D. There was a version that the rumors about the mysterious monster distribute the Scots themselves, living near the Loch Ness, who wish to draw attention to their land.

Most likely, during the journey to Loche Loch Ness, you will not be able to see the famous "Lochnes Kindish" (Nassathy, as gentlely called its Scots) and take a picture of him. But you will probably return with a pile of souvenirs, booklets, postcards with her image, enrich your memory with candy souls by tales of guides and plenty of pure mountain air of Scotland. In general, a good perspective….

Loch Ness Lake (LOCH Ness Lake)

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