Machu Picchu. Lost city

Machu Picchu is one of the most amazing buildings Ancient America. Ruins are affixed with their magnificence located on the lands The current Peru.


The city was erected in 1438. This city had to become Sanctuary.

In the Epoch of the Inca in this place lived:

  • priests;
  • Higher nobility;
  • craftsmen;
  • servants;
  • Machu Picchu. Lost city
  • And, above all, Mamakuna &# 8211; Selected women who all their lives were obliged to serve the god of the sun.

Spanish colonizers who invaded Peru in the 1520s were failed to find a place where the inches were hidden that did not want to obey foreigners. More than three hundred years Machu Picchu was only Legend, and only one hundred years ago the fortress of the Inca again &# 8220; rebelled out of oblivion&# 8221; With the help of American archaeologist Hairam Bingham. According to legend, Bingham collided with several peasants who worked on the slope of the Andes, and one of them, for the remuneration, showed Binger’s road to the city. At the peak of a hard-to-reach mountain ridge, the archaeologist saw a lot of huge stone terraces and stone ruins of houses. &# 8220; Lost City&# 8221; was named after the nearby mountain – Machu Picchu, which means &# 8220; old vertex&# 8221;.

Local builders and bricklayers Amaze With his skill. Building in the city are built of stone blocks installed together with the striking accuracy without adding cement and other binding substances. Stone blocks hold each other due to their weight, and terraces, built at an angle, guarantee resistance during earthquakes.

Until now, an unknown reason remains, due to which the residents of Machu Picchu left their habitat. But they left their splendor of the Ruins of the city lost in the thickets of the Jungle of the city, who keep in themselves many unknown secrets and mysteries, thereby attracting tourists from all over the world.


This &# 8220; Lost City&# 8221; is located at an altitude of approximately 2600 meters above sea level. Ruins &# 8220; Lost city&# 8221; hidden in the jungle high in the mountains. From three sides he is surrounded by stormy Urubamba River.

Pick-Picchu Territory divided into zones: cemetery, prisons, living area and temples. There are about two hundred buildings here.

On the territory of the "Lost City" is located Temple three windows. Sunlight penetrated the sacred square through the windows of this temple. Apparently, he was of great importance in rituals. In accordance with the legend, the three founders of the Empire Inca came to our world through these windows.

A little higher than the temple is located observatory. In the central part is located Intytan, that is Temple of the Sun. This is the only sanctuary of the Supreme Divine of the Inca, which survived to our time. Local priests tried to detain the rotation of the Sun during the winter solstice, &# 8220; tieting the sun&# 8221; To a stone pillar located in the territory of the temple. Also on the sacred place there are several housing for high priests.

Machu Picchu, becoming one of the world objects Cultural heritage, is the main place to visit tourists.

Machu Picchu. Lost city

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