Named the best places of Finland to observe the northern shine

According to scientists, the upcoming winter northern radiance will be especially bright – this is due to the solar activity cycle, which is 11 years and reaches its peak in a few months. The tourist office of Finnish Lapland offers a list of places from where it is best to observe this unique natural phenomenon.

"According to our estimates, the Northern Lights can be observed in Finnish Lapland about 200 nights a year, from September to April. Due to numerous solar spots, the Northern Lights will be the maximum in the upcoming two winters", – Speaks Yurki Manninen from the Geophysical Observatory of the city of Sodankyulyuly.

Tourofis Lapland offers guests Finland to go to Saariselka at the Municipality of Inari (Inari). This village surrounded by Naccons is located on the edge of the National Park of Urho Kekkonen (Urho Kekkosen Kansallispuisto). The vertex of Kaunispeki’s Saplings Kaunispa (Kaunispaa), which rises 438 meters, can easily conquer on foot, car or on a lift. From there it is best to observe the northern lights in the endless sky. You can stay in a traditional Kieppi hotel, which offers 56 rooms, saunas and ski rental, or in the Kakslauttanen needle, where you can easily watch the sky from transparent ice horses.

If the weather allows, every day at 21:00 the guide takes a group (from 4 people) and lucky outside the village so that the electric lights do not interfere with the northern lights. When tourists arrive at the place, they will seek hot berry juice and prompt how it is better to take pictures of a natural phenomenon.

Kilpisjarvi (Kilpisjarvi) – Another picturesque Lapland village, located almost on the border of three countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway. From here, Kilpissafarit will take away those who wish to admire the Northern Lights on the Jekkash Hill (Jehkats, 980 meters), on top of which there is a small hut for overnight stay, or in Halti Mountains (Halti, 1327 meters), from where the North Arctic Ocean is also visible. You can stay in large apartments, luxurious chalet or in the campsite TUNDREA Tourist Center.

Named the best places of Finland to observe the northern shine

At the ski resort, the hand of tourists takes on a sleigh in a quiet forest so that nothing distracts them from amazing paints of the night sky. You can also use a snowmobile and drive under the guidance of an experienced guide about 40 kilometers to the sightseeing glade, and halfway dinner in the present plague.

Tourist centers and ski resorts in Pyha-Luosto National Park offer a variety of leisure options in addition to love with the Northern Lights, such as driving likes, visiting a deer park and, of course, skiing.

All 28 hotel rooms Aurora Chalet overlook the north and are equipped with an automatic alarm clock that announces the appearance of the Northern Lights.

Named the best places of Finland to observe the northern shine

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