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The relief of the majority (69%) territory of the country exalted, from north to south island crosses a powerful central mountain range, cool descending to a very narrow coastal strip of the Eastern Longitudinal Valley. All over the central ridge, more than 290 mountain peaks are minted, whose height exceeds 3000 meters, and the highest point of the country is Mount Yushhan ("Jade mountain" or Mount Morrison, 3,952 m). Some small mountain systems (Mountains Sui, Jade, Alishan, Sinan, and others.), Plateau (Howley, Dad, Baku, Henkchun and others.) and extensive foothills (Phyanka, Chiai, Henchun and PR.) Frame volcanic chains of the central ridge. Along the western coast stretches a narrow alluvial plain framed by several local plains (Gianan, Pintung, Yilan, and DR.) Width of not more than 30 km, takes no more than 31% of the island.

Mountains and lofty plateau covered with subtropical forests, extending up to a height of almost 1,500 meters, beyond which lie the alpine meadows and mountain heath. Foothills with low hilly hail and longitudinal valleys abundantly watered by numerous rivers Lanyang systems Danshuey, Daja, Houlong, Dadu and Zhushuey forming vast alluvial delta. Coastal plains are subjected to intense agricultural activity of man, so endemic plants here almost did not survive – almost 97% of the territory occupied by the plains of fields, orchards and plantations.

The rest of the island country for the most part are of volcanic origin and are top of seamounts rift zone of the East Asian continental shelf, protruding above the surface of the ocean. The relief of most of them, respectively, rocky and sublime. Dunshatsyundao, Sishatsyundao and some other islands have coral origin, so are low and plains.

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Taiwan: Alishan National Park and Jiai City

If you see the bus schedule to Alishan Park from Taipei, at first wondering their inconvenience: they leave the clock at 11 pm and arrive at 4 am. Read more →

Juan | Winter 2016

Taiwan Marble Gorge

Near the city is Hualien Taroko National Park – the most beautiful place in Taiwan, which for some reason is not very famous in the world, although very deserving fame. Read more →

Nature Taiwan

Juan | Winter 2016

Taiwan. Gold and remains

Walking around the market and having a surrender and seven, went on a gold mining factory, which has long been no longer funcycles. Here once mined copper, coal, nickel and gold. Read more →

China alternative

From the bus station I take a taxi and go to a hostel Jin Yan. He is very small. The hostess came and gave the keys. The room opens onto the street, there is a balcony and a sea view across the street. Read more →

Paul Maksimov | January 2013

Taiwan, Kaohsiung, the largest monastery

The largest monastery in Taiwan, the greatest Buddhist organization in Taiwan, the biggest charitable organization in Taiwan – all this is a monastery "Buddha fire fire" Read more →

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