New money

The process of phased updating American cash bills continues according to the approved plans. The US Department of Finance reported that the new appearance will acquire the most chassis in America banknote – $ 20. And in Belgium and France, some bills, on the contrary, are derived from the appeal and are subject to exchange.

Previously, the Americans have already updated their 100- and 50-dollar bills (in the last year and last years, respectively). New "Twenty" not yet appeared in circulation, but this event is expected from day to day. Therefore, the US Ministry of Finance decided to introduce the public in advance with the new appearance of 20-dollar paper. Changes that happened in it are kept in the designer style of new "fifty" and "hundred".

In the portrait – the same as before, the Seventh US President Andrew Jackson. Only his image increased and shifted to the left. The larger became the number "twenty" in the lower left corner. Main inscriptions made "Relief" font, it is easy to find by touch without looking.

for Americans "twenty" – This bill is a cult. TO "hundreds of" and "half a ruble" in America are very suspicious. large bills reputation irredeemably spoiled by the fact that they are most often counterfeited, and the fact that it is they (as everyone knows of Hollywood action movies) mafia are paying each other for the delivery of drugs and other disgusting things. That’s why "twenty" – this is the biggest piece of paper cash, which the average American wants to keep in your purse.

New money

And outside the US, including our 20-dollar bills spread is relatively small. Not that they really were not in Russia, but there are much, much less than the 100-dollar.

According to established practice, US banks are starting official delivery of new banknotes abroad about six months after the bill will be in circulation in the United States itself. Therefore, the chance will soon hold in your hands an updated portrait of President Andrew Jackson, the Russians small.

And some money in the hands of more and not worth keeping. Public Relations Department of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation issued a May 21 messages received from fellow bankers from Belgium and France. They inform that in their countries, some banknotes withdrawn from circulation and are subject to exchange.

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