Next to Angkor Vat found mysterious giant structures and ruins of buildings

Near the famous Cambodian temple complex Angkor Wat discovered gigantic spiral structures and ruins of ancient towers. The discovery changes the idea of ​​the size and functions of the territory abandoned in the XV century.

With the help of Lidar and Georadar, the South Wall of the Temple Angkor Wat found an incomprehensible spiral structure of 1500 sizes to 600 m. Its appointment and functions are not clear, nothing like previous scientists have seen and could not even imagine. Presumably, the mysterious structure was built in the second half of the XII century, and in the next century it was no longer used, the study published in the ATIQUITY journal.

Ruins of towers were also found. Researchers suggest that it can be fragments of earlier cult facilities.

In an Angkor-Watu territory, researchers found traces of a large populated area with gardens, ponds, mounds, various elements of the city infrastructure of that time. This means that the composition of the population of the ancient complex was much more distrend than previously thought – not only the local elite lived there.

Around Angkor Wat traces of protective embankments and RVA. In addition, fragments of wooden structures were discovered, which were part of defensive structures. The latter were most likely in the last period of the existence of ancient city.

Next to Angkor Vat found mysterious giant structures and ruins of buildings

Angkor Wat is one of the largest ever created religious structures and one of the most important archaeological monuments of the world. Built in the first half of the XII century during the reign of King Suryabaman II. Angkor is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Initially dedicated to God, Vishnu, he, from the point of view of architecture, unites the typology of the Hindu temple-mountain, representing the mythical mountain of the measure – the habitat of the gods, and the typology of galleries, characteristic of the architecture of later periods. The temple consists of three concentric rectangular buildings, the height of which increases towards the center, around the perimeter surrounded by a wall 1.5 per 1.3 km and a moat with water, the length of which is 3.6 km, and the width is 190 m. The inner structure contains five dwarus towers; The central tower is as follows 42 m above the sanctuary, the overall height of it from the surface of the Earth reaches 65 m.

In the XV century, stopped used and was abandoned. Open for European civilization in 1860.

Next to Angkor Vat found mysterious giant structures and ruins of buildings

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