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Sultanate Oman is located in the south-east of the Arabian Peninsula. From the north is washed by the Oman Bay, and in the eastern and southern part – the Arabian Sea.

where is: The state of Oman, located on the Arabian Peninsula, is bordered by Saudi Arabia in the West, with the UAE from the North-Western part, with Yemen in the south.
Sultanate Oman is the third country in magnitude in the Arabian Peninsula.

  • language: Arab
  • population: 3.2 million
  • telephone code: +968
  • currency: Omansky Rial
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: Om
  • voltage: 240V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Plugs and sockets type G
  • time: 17:16 (UTC + 0400)

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Oman Rest in Oman, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide


Best regions, cities and resorts Oman

What is interesting to see in Oman?

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How to get to Oman?

Take advantage of air flights "Aeroflot". Airport Collection is 5 rials.

Vaccinations: No special vaccinations for visiting state Oman is required.

How comfortably move to Oman?

Road traffic: Movement of right-hand. Gasoline in Oman is cheap (about 25 cents per liter).

car rental: Take a rental car it makes sense if you expect to ride around the country for a week. Racks-offices rental cars are almost every hotel. Hyundai Accent Car Rental (Hyundai Accent) will cost about $ 40 per day. For rental of rental, driving experience in at least one year, driver’s license and credit card.

Taxi: Taxis in Oman meet everywhere. About the cost of traveling should be agreed in advance.

Buses: The main type of transport in the country – buses. There are fairly modern buses, equipped with air conditioning.

hitch-hiking: Airports: Oman International Airport SEEB International Airport is located 40 km from the city center.

Airlines: Quite expensive a / k "Oman Air".

Railway: Railway system is not very developed.

Ports: Ports: Min-El Fall, Rysut and Matra.

Where better to stop, traveling for Oman?

Top hotels Oman

Climate in Oman

Subtropical arid climate of Oman is formed under the influence of monsoon circulation.
Best time to visit Oman – this period from October to March. The coolest and pleasant weather is held in the country in December – January. Day air temperature in mascap at this time rarely exceeds the mark +30 gr.
Summer is very roast and more wet on the coast (in mascap the middle monthly temperature of May — July above 34° C, average temperature of the hottest month of June — 35.4° C) and roast dry — in domestic regions.
Winter is moderately warm (the average temperature of January 21.4° WITH). The average annual precipitation in the masque. 100 mm. They are distributed unevenly during the year and through the country. In the mountains in the north, the sediments fall predominantly from January to March and due to Western atmosphere circulation. In the south of the sediment connected with monscons that have been met from May to September.

Oman Rest in Oman, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

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