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Eastern Europe – the richest treasury of thermal waters of our part of the world. On the territory of several small countries are located in the literal sense of thousands of natural sources, which are able to cure all the ailments of our body, to support youth, preserve beauty, cope with the detrimental influences of modern civilization and, in particular, large cities.

Among these wonderful countries, Romania occupies a decent place, the famous country that our tourism opens up again and is amazed that so many opportunities of a variety of recreation remained many years unnoticed.

Romania is the Black Sea Coast with beautiful golden sand, the wonderful capital of Bucharest, who is called Small Paris, so he repeats the atmosphere and beauty of the most romantic city of the world, the mountains covered with a purest air, magnificent vintage castles, whose fortress walls are impressive not only architecture, But both the spirit of legends and legends, as well as hundreds of thermal sources, around which famous, in modern comfortable and very popular resorts have grown.

Bale’s dialect is one of the best resorts not only countries, but also Europe. You can get here for 2.5 hours from Bucharest, there is a motorway and railway branch.

This place has deepest historical roots. Next door to the resort stands the old abbey of the dialect and the monastery that will delight lovers of historical attractions. And stretched on the surrounding hills picturesque forests – great routes for eco-walking and rehabilitation of the respiratory tract even without special procedures.

As a balneological resort Balegov began at the end of the 19th century, when local residents discovered salty water and dirt that were perfectly treated rheumatic diseases. Then discovered that the sources are also perfectly treated with ENT diseases and the bronchopile system, the musculoskeletal system, the heart and vessels, metabolic diseases (diabetes and gout). The specially developed program "Antistress" is also very effective.

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The center of the resort is the wonderful hotel Palace 4 *, built before the start of the First World War in 1914. Beautiful and elegant building, aristocratically strict and exquisite at the same time, it reminds of those times when the fashion for the treatment on the waters was first distributed over Europe. Internal interiors correspond to the refinement of the appearance. High Bright Halls, Modern Elements are harmoniously combined with classic elements and Romanian national notes. In a restaurant reminiscent of the palace ballroom ************ Dishes of international and Romanian national cuisine.

Around the hotel there is a beautiful landscape park with alleys for walking and cascades of artificial streams. In the complex of the resort Balegov, except Palace Hotel 4 *, there are two more Belvedere 3 * and Park 2.

The resort is excellent medical and spa centers equipped with modern appliances and offering various procedures, as well as visits to sauna and hammam. There is a gym and an indoor swimming pool.

For those who are not inclined to leave far beyond the sea, want to see a new beautiful country, relax and correct ************** show a great place. Here comfort is adjacent to the rest and solitude, which is so lacking a modern resident of a major city. It is especially nice that nature and the owners of these places are very friendly. Come to the resort guaranteed by the guilty of local residents and a wonderful soft climate, warm winter and non-jar in summer.

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