Rest in Czech Zronakh Ruda

Iron Ruda is located In the southwestern Czech Republic, very close to Germany. Is one of the centers of tourism National Park Schumava. The city got its name due to the production of iron ore. Over time, the industry reoriented to the production of glass. Now, however, this settlement is interesting not at all historical details, but Ski resort Spichak &# 8211; One of the largest and best resorts of Czech Shumava.

The spacket will have to taste, both beginners and experienced skiers. Here you can choose one of several main trails that differ in different levels of complexity. In addition to the main, there are several more trails that belong to the ski school.

Of course, hospitable Czechs did not forget about children. For them, constructs Complex "Penguin Land" and Playground "Czech Republic Fairy Tales" with a game skiing field. Spicent, however, it’s not just the mountain skiing. This is also snowboarding. And also the new-fashioned friscust. Newbies in these affairs are best to go to the local fan park. This is a great place for those who make the first steps in these sports. Not deprived of attention and fans of cross-country skiing. For them in the spicker was prepared not one ten kilometers of trails. During the occasion, tourists will be able to enjoy beautiful noise nature.

Novelty in the spicial climbing routes. They also differ in varying degrees of complexity and length.

Rest in Czech Zronakh Ruda

On most trails in the spicial artificial snow is used regularly. Night riding lovers should be sent to OLubsky Slope.

Of course, the service at this resort is also at the height. Here you can find all accompanying services: equipment rental, test center and others. You can get to the spacket by car. If you go from Prague, then you need to go to the road that leads to Pilsen. Those who go on the train need Go from the main station of Prague. Station "Spacek" is located almost near the slope, so the legs will not have time to get tired. But motorists lies, perhaps, the only minus of this resort &# 8211; Reparatively small parking. To accommodate tourists in the spicial, inexpensive pensions, as well as more comfortable hotels.

All these moments are made by spacket, repeat, one of the best ski resorts of the Czech Republic. And if we asked the Council regarding the rest, we would undoubtedly pointed to this resort. It will satisfy both lovers just wander on skis and extremal, thirsty of steep descents.

Rest in Czech Zronakh Ruda

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