Travel during pregnancy: 3 Simple rules

Trips, travel becomes an integral part of modern life. And pregnancy – no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of traveling. The main thing, having received the approval of the doctor who is pregnant, decide on the best time and way of traveling.

When to go?

In the first trimester of pregnancy, most women feel, to put it mildly, not the best (toxicosis, the constant desire to sleep, the high danger of spontaneous interruption of pregnancy and T. D.). About long journeys and speech does not go.

Doctors do not recommend riding at the end of the third trimester. Many pregnant women feel tired, problems or contractions may begin, you may need medical care. And far from home there may be certain difficulties.

Better travel time is the second trimester. Most pregnant women feels well during this period. The risk of complications is minimal.

What to go?

Cars, airplanes, trains – we can say that all these types of transport are safe enough. Therefore, the choice depends on personal preferences and circumstances.

Probably the optimal type of transport should be considered a personal car. You can conveniently decompose the necessary things, choose the departure time, time and number of stops. But you should not forget about two important points.

  1. First, always need to be fastened. Most studies have proven that mom and child are in the greatest security when the woman is fastened. The bottom of the belt must be skipped under the stomach, the seat to move as far as possible back.
  2. Secondly, you need to do frequent breaks. Perhaps frequent stops will cause irritation, but it should be remembered that a decade-minute walk every 2-3 hours will help restore blood circulation in the legs.
  3. Travel during pregnancy 3 Simple rules for tourism from the tourism

Journey by plane has its own plus – this is the possibility of quickly moving on long distances. Like when traveling by car, the plane also should often pull the legs. You can get up and resemble a lot of passage.

As for traveling by train, here also have its advantages. Space allowing to move by car. Ability to open the window, breathe fresh air, walk on the platform during stops. And, if necessary, emergency assistance, can be provided at the nearest station.

Regardless of the type of transport, several simple rules should be performed:

  1. Do not sit in one pose too long. This can lead to flow and discomfort, risk risk of thromboms. Do not cross the foot. Diversify the position for seating by any ways.
  2. Need to get up and walk every 2-3 hours.
  3. Do simple exercises for legs during the seating (at least even move foot-down).

Short trips are usually not scary during pregnancy, provided that fast kits are not yet expected. One- or two-hour trip does not represent an occasion for concern. Long-term travel, of course, give a pregnant woman from a doctor and maternity hospital, but they are possible in the absence of complications and in the presence of a stock time before delivery. But in any case, it is necessary to consult with the doctor!

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