Traveling around the world: Algeria

Traveling to the beautiful Algeria will give you a lot of impressions. Of particular joy you will experience, going to Tamanracet city. This complex name is the only disadvantage of this wonderful city. Local residents name is it easier to Tama.

Tama is an oasis city. This locality opens Gate to the beautiful mountains of Ahaggar, which are famous for the magnificent landscape resembling the moon. Rocky peaks of mountains, covered with snow bedspread, rush away in the embroidery. Here you will find The hut of the French researcher and the Mystic Pierre Charles de Fouco. It is in this place he lived his last years. Traveling to Mount Ahaggar in Algeria will be a kind of adventure or pilgrimage. The ridge of the mountains of Haggar resembles the "back of a huge monster".

The population of the city of Tama is 2000 people. The air here is pretty dry, even at the beginning of spring. Since the city is located on the sandy plateau, which is covered by the mountains with sharp vertices, the sun here is a palette throughout the day. Deserted roads of a small town are drowning in the shadow of numerous trees. And parking for cars is quite unusual, there you can meet tied camels.

In the city of Tama Only one single hotel – Tahat, Located on the outskirts of the town. Externally, it looks like an old Arab fortress. South Sahara is the place where it is quite difficult to place American-type hotels, despite their attractiveness. The center of the main hall is the pool, unfortunately, not yet completed due to a regular interruption with hot water. Spacious, high ceilings, several windows give light cool on hot days held in this hotel. Small bedrooms have balconies that are equipped with sunscreen visors from concrete.

Traveling the world Algeria

In the northern part of Algeria, beautiful vintage CENTERS OF CULTURE Islam Gardama, Tuggurt and Urahala, who are oases cities. At one time, the city of Tamanaryas was a garrison of a foreign legion and only now he became a border city. Being in Tama, Sometimes it seems that you got into a military camp. Most often here come to earn money, t.To. In the deserts quite high wages. Also Tamanaryaste acts by the item where travelers and tourists stop at the time, heading to other cities. The city is next to Nigeria.

The best time to visit the city-oasis Tamanrasset is March or April. At this time the sun is not so hot as in the summer. However, for this season, sand storms can be characterized. The bulk of the shops is located in the center of the city itself, where tourists from different parts of the planet arrive.

Being in Algeria, it is worth a visit Ascener. Traveling on this settlement similarly to traveling through the moon. Raising and blowing in the face dry and lifeless wind makes a place of pilgrimage similar to the lunar world. Basalt columns are treated above the plain ascember. Your satellites here will be piles of stones, which are a kind of wind protection for worst tribal Taaregs.

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