Unusual hotels in the world

Tourists, and just people who travel for various reasons, somehow use the services of hotels and hotels. As a rule, a person is waiting for a standard design and a list of services that are little impressed by the tourist, but this does not mean that all hotels are solely the same and monotonous.

In some countries There are hotels that will always amaze both with their design and location, Therefore, rest in them can be called unique.

The category of most distinguished hotels included.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

This unusual hotel is located on Fiji, and built it for quite a long time due to incredible complexity and security planning. Some of his apartments are under water, So guests will have an incredible opportunity to observe the underwater world, because its walls are completely glass and have a hemispherical shape. The habitat in such apartments is certainly not cheap, but at the same time the impressions are worth.

Null Stern Hotel

A very unusual place, little falling under the definition of a normal hotel, since there are no walls, the building as a whole and everything else. For guests On the top of the mountain there is a bed, surrounded by floor lamps, giving lighting. Otherwise everything is extremely in order to fully enjoy the views and be in unity with nature, although about comfort can be completely forgotten. This place will appeal to lovers of unusual or extreme.

Kakslauttanen Hotel

Popular Finnish hotel that attracts tourists not only with its wonderful sight, but also the ability to comfortably enjoy the beauty of surrounding species, and especially the Northern Lights, since Rooms are separate yurts fully made of glass and having all the amenities. In addition, they are located on the top of the mountain (near the resort), so each room is surrounded by fir, shined snow. The atmosphere in this place is truly fabulous at any time of the year.

Unusual hotels in the world

Free Spirit Spheres

Full tree house – Dream not only children, but also many adults. In Canada, decided to go further, and among the trees in Vancouver was created Hotel on trees, where every room is a separate small house on a tree. Among themselves they are bound by rope bridges. It looks very curious, especially if you move between trees, not going down.

Ice hotels

Pretty attractive and having resistant popularity are icy hotels that in winter appear in some countries. Every year they have a different concept and design, so tourists never get bored to stop in a similar miracle, even though everything is made from snow here, and a minus temperature is maintained in the rooms. Operate hotels, of course, only in winter, because ice and snow are built.

To visit such hotels will be interesting regardless of the purpose of the journey, but, as a rule, it turns out that it is very expensive, therefore, it can afford this may not every traveler. Moreover, not everyone will like such a specific housing.

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