Unusual museums of the world

Today there are about several dozen museums and special collections in the care of state or individuals in the world. Among them are not only interesting, but also truly amazing, shocking or even frightening. About some of these modern and real museums and will be discussed further.

Museum of fast cooking noodles

This appetizing museum is located in the Japanese city of Osaka. As you know, the Japanese are hardly the main consumers of noodles in the world, considering it hardly the main thing its national dish. There are more than a hundred recipes for cooking this wonderful, tasty and satisfying dishes. It is clear that it was here that a museum dedicated to noodle. And the noodle is not ababa what, namely, the quick preparation and the legendary company Mufuku Ando (inventor of noodles), which is considered the main supplier of this dish not only in Japan, but in the world. Here, by the way, a little less than 1000 copies of noodles are represented, which in different epochs were made by the company.

Museum of Russian vodka

The famous museum and part-time restaurant, opened its doors in the last century in the glorious city of St. Petersburg. It is noteworthy that this museum is one of the main attractions of the city, where not only foreign guests are cared with a big hunting, but also locals. The exhibits of the museum cover a wide period from the moonshit of the eleventh century to spirits of our time produced in Russia. In addition to bottles, labels, dishes and other technical and documentary exposure, in the museum there are spectacular compositions from wax figures, clearly demonstrating how any important events were watched in Russia and celebrated holidays.

Museum of bad art

Unusual museums of the world

An excellent American museum in Boston, Massachusetts, which is privately owned, where a variety of artworks are collected, clearly demonstrating how not to create. Funny, but many modern art objects sold for millions of dollars would ideally fit into the concept of this museum. In addition to paintings from unsuccessful artists, funny and to extremes are also presented to the extremes of original copy-parody to world famous paintings.

Chocolate Museum

Another unusual museum, which is a favorite place to visit among tourists who found themselves in Germany. It is located in a picturesque place on the banks of the Rhine and is a spacious building with an area of ​​more than two thousand square meters. But even it can hardly know all sorts of varieties and types of chocolate, which were produced and continued to be produced by German confirments for several centuries for several centuries. Here you can also find out about the features of making chocolate sweets, as well as admire the works of such a charming type of art, like plastic and sculpture, the material for the creation of which made high-quality chocolate.

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