Unusual New Year’s traditions of the countries of the world

New Year holidays – It is always bright fun, therefore they like them all over the world, but at the same time each country and even in some individual cities there are specific traditions of the celebration, which sometimes can plunge into shock.

Some traditions appeared for quite a long time, and some relatively recently. The reasons for their occurrence may be different that in general, it does not prevent people from observing them and spend the time of holidays.


Here, during the holidays, special festive linen is sold, in which lonely people by tradition should be celebrated. It is believed that if a person is put on him, then in the coming year will definitely meet his soul mate. The color of the underwear has bright red, and in the rest is no different from the usual. It is important to have to wear it during the battleship of the Kurats. Departments with similar lines appear in a large number of local stores, and it is always in demand.


In this country, the holiday is celebrated by a somewhat scandalous way, namely the breakdown of dishes, which must certainly be done at the house of their friends / acquaintances. Similarly, people wish all the best in their loved ones. Precisely because of this tradition, during the period of the whole year, old dishes are not thrown away, but persists before the holiday.

The more the owner’s fragments find under his door, the more good wishes he was addressed. Splits are cleaned solely after the holidays, but their presence does not drive anyone in longing or depression.


The custom of this country may seem to the barbaric, Since after holding all the festive events and fireworks, the Christmas trees solemnly burn. The bonfire is divorced outside, and the former New Year’s beauty rushes there, and the desire is still coming.

Unusual New Year's traditions of the countries of the world


An unprepared tourist, being in Romania, can spoil their nerves somewhat, Since the local tradition is called bear guys, during which local several days appear on the streets in the bear skins, which, of course, are not natural, but in the dark can easily bring to the misconception of an unprepared person. By tradition, such guys scare the evil spirits and promise a good future year.


In this Asian country, an elephant is a sacred animal, and therefore during the holidays here are arranged so-called water battles with elephants. Over time, the tradition has been somewhat simplified, and now the local during the holidays simply pour each other with plenty of water from various tanks or toys. If the tourist does not know about it, he definitely threatens to get into the thread.

Although some traditions are surprised, to participate in them definitely fun. The main thing is to know about them in advance and be morally ready, otherwise, nervous health can greatly stagger, which is unacceptable for holidays. If the tourist goes to celebrate New Year’s holidays to other countries, it is recommended to carefully prepare.

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