Unusual places to relax in the usual Turkey

However, tours to Turkey and beyond their limits can offer a colossal number of all sorts of entertaining, beautiful and impressive places. Travelers interested not only by beaches and wonderful service, they will really like to taste.

To such places can be attributed, for example, the group of printed islands – small in size, from Istanbul in the hour.

All their nine and all for all the automobile transport. Most of all guests are soul two – Halebeliad and Bureukada. These picturesque islands with their atmosphere of complete calm, are simply created for equestrian, cycling and hiking. You can see here at home of the XIX century, built of wood, ancient monasteries and churches.

Tours to Turkey allow you to visit the town of Alacats, off the coast of the Aegean Sea, near Izmir. Here a considerable amount of windmills was saved – evidence that the flour industry flourished here. Still continuing to blow the local wind, in combination with the sandy coast, lures in this place the kite and windsurfing fans.

Unusual places to relax in the usual Turkey

Lovers of all kinds of active types of recreation will like Kash – A small fishing settlement in which about 6 thousand people live. This is the southwest of the Mediterranean coast. For arriving tours to Turkey, there are a lot of time options, in addition to the standard sun acquisition. Alloys on kayaks and canoeing to the ruins of Licks plunged under water, clean water covering multiple artifacts of antiquity, diverse line of the shore – This is what the church of the Chief Turkish Diving Center endowed. On land entertainment is also enough. Hiking in beautiful mountains Taurus, climbing, excursions on local canyons and other.

The seekers of adventures, coming tours to Turkey, will have to soul mardin. In this, located in the southwest of the country, the main spoken language – Kurdish. Here are sent to explore the prints of the oldest civilizations, whose paths intersected at one time at the shore of the Tiger. Helping caves are engaged in the oldest of the indoor bazaars of the country and, of course, the Safran Monastery building, in which, by the way, spend on the Aramaic language.

Be sure to see the top of the nonsense – Mountains on which the stone sculptures of His and several of the pagan gods are cut out on the orders of Antioch – such a kind of outdoor mausoleum.

Unusual places to relax in the usual Turkey

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