Unusual sights of Europe

Tens of thousands of tourists visit Europe annually. Everyone strive to see the most popular sights. However, there are places that units know, but they seriously deserve attention.

Feline shelter afloat

The only one of its kind is in Amsterdam. Was founded in the late 60s Native resident of Herrietta Van Velda. She decided to settle all homeless cats on an abandoned barge. 14 years ago, the founder died, and shelter still support. This is truly good and exciting place. People come here from all over the earth.

Mini Europe

This is a park in Brussels, in which Collected all the most commonly visited attractions in Europe. They are reduced 25 times. Here you can see significant places, listen to the tour. Some of the exhibits are interactive, you can interact with them and fully plunge into the mood of Europe. Park is interesting and adults, and children.

Park Cactus

Situated In the heart of Barcelona. Despite such a passable geolocation, many ignore this unique piece of land. However, here you can see about 800 species of cacti, which are collected worldwide. The garden itself is located at the foot of the mountain, rummaged by which you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea and port.

Magic Museum and Alchemists

The museum is in Prague and in ancient times belonged to Scottish Magu and Alchemist Edward Kelly. Then it was his laboratory in which experiences were performed. Now the museum works in an interactive format, that is, anyone may feel the wizard.

Academy nosov

This wonderful institution is in Sweden, and its creator is Comedian Hasse Alfredson. There is nothing cognitive, but the collection of more than 130 noses is capable of raising the mood.

Yard elements

Unusual sights of Europe

A place in Dresden, which in clear weather may seem just interesting and memorable. But it’s worth come here to rain like It will be possible to hear the real game of the orchestra. This happens due to the fact that there are many musical instruments on the building, getting to which the rain creates unique works of art.

Museum of toys

Earlier it was Small private collection of one of the residents of Brussels &# 8211; Andre Remondka. However, over time this place There was a scale of 3 floors, on which about 35 thousand toys are located. This is a real joy for any visitor, especially for children, as you can not only look at toys, but also to play with them.

House Picaset

Located in a small town Chartres near Paris. Many years ago there lived here Cemetery caretaker who loved to collect china fragments and decorated their home. The weight of the shards from the bat of the dishes about 15 tons, and all this he acquired in 30 years. In the 50s, it came here to admire the creativity even Picasso himself. After the death of the owner, the house was turned into a museum and made a historical monument from it.

All these places once again prove that the world is full of amazing sights, and will also always see what.

Unusual sights of Europe

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