Updated Olympic Museum in Lausanne

Ten minutes from the OUCHY station on the embankment and as much as a leisurely lift along the stairs, which leads to the museum that has revealed at the end of 2013. The dates of all the Olympiads are knocked out on the steps, and all this climbing seems to be reminding the path to Olympus, but feelings more like Golgotha.

If you are not the first time in Lausanne, the exposition of the Olympic Museum should have been learned thoroughly – this is one of the most popular places in the city. Therefore, special reasons come here the second time no matter how. And here it is already thinking about everything to see everything and return to the initial plane of the restaurant’s seizure on the waterfront ..

The mood changes radically after the first hall. It’s like the same exposure, but so perfect "combed", that information is perceived completely in a new way. We enter the Cabinet Pierre de Couberten, who in his diaries records the thoughts about the revival of the Olympic Games. Thinker and Philanthropa depicted in the picture in a pair with a horse. Horse to history has no relation. But the thoughts of the taired impressive man about strength, height and speed become reality in the next hall. Here in the video, the first games renewed in 1896 are played.

All new exposure is stuffed with all sorts of interactive exhibits. Somewhere you need to take out a book from the shelf to hear the speech of de Couberten about the Olympic Games, in another place to press the button and see which sports were introduced in a specific Olympiad. On one hall about the wands, you can spend half an hour to consider the design of everyone and find out everything about the Torch. Sochi wand mounted in this row last. And everywhere, near each large section standing chairs, lie big puffs. All this creates a feeling of not strictly museum space, but a large playground. Very much here you can touch, twist and turn. Like, for example, the real Olympic medals or matter, from which sewed sportswear centen back. This fabric can be immediately compared with today’s high-tech materials.

Updated Olympic Museum in Lausanne

In principle, this museum caught a modern tendency to talk about the stories of exciting. It really wants to stay here and find out that in the head at the athlete – Daryla Gudrich film gives this question a rather convincing answer.

And you can feel like a biathlete on an almost professional simulator on the first floor. Immediately check out your own coordination, dexterity and understand whether you are ready to become an Olympic champion. If you are ready, then right before going out there is a real pedestal. Of course, all visitors choose 1 place. It is clear: by the end of the exposition, the will again appears: the will to victory.

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