Urban transport in Florence

The center of Florence is small, and tourists coming here with excursion purposes, prefer to walk around the city on foot. However, in the city, of course, public transport submitted by buses and trams. Also, on Florence, you can move on your own – on bicycles and sigweids, or use Ricky and Taxi services.

Buses and trams

City buses and trams ATAF (Azienda Trasporti Area Fiorentina, WWW.ATAF.NET) run on Florence and its suburbs. The site has a route scheduler and a visual route map has been published. In addition to daytime buses, there are five nightlife in Florence.

Tickets can be bought in newspaper and cigarette kiosks, as well as at the station. One ticket for 90 minutes costs 1.20 euros, it must be processed when entering the bus. A ticket purchased from the driver costs 2 euros.

By historical center there are electrical buses. They also pass through the pedestrian part of Florence. Routes C1, C2 and C3. The most suitable for tourists who want to explore Museums of Florence – Route C1.

Tourist routes

Also in Florence there is a tourist bus Firenze CitySightseeing (WWW.Firenze.City-sightseeing.IT), working on the principle of Hop On Hop Off. Three routes are laid. Tickets are served by 48 hours, 1 or 3 days. Excursions are read in eight languages, including Russian.


In the city of the city in Florence, you can move on the trays. Using them enters the city ticket ATAF. Some railway stations near Florentine attractions can be interesting to tourists.


Navigate to Florence on bicycles convenient enough. There are several rentals in the city, including network. True, most work from May to September and can be closed on weekends. Rental cost – approximately 8 euros per day.

Urban transport in Florence


Taxi parking is opposite the Central Station, as well as on large areas of the cities. Taxi can also be called by phone.

The average starting price and the minimum passage – 2.54 euros, then the cost of 1 km – 82 centers when traveling within the city, when leaving for his appetites – 1.47 euros. The average trip in Florence costs 10 euros. In different companies, prices may differ slightly, the price list must be published inside the cabin. In most taxis, you can pay the passage of a bank card.

In the period from 9 pm to 2 nights, lonely women when using a taxi have the right to discounts.

Reviews and studies of trips

Useful tourists Tips when traveling to Rome, Venice, Florence

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