US Cities: Baltimore (Maryland)

The world’s largest and most popular tourist in the city of Maryland (has the status of an independent city, which is part of the metropolitan area of ​​CMSA), Baltimore (Baltimore) was once the main American port (founded in 1729 on the bank of the Chesapeake Bay) and the second “Gate” For the entry of immigrants. Nowadays, the city has become a major industrial and political center of the country, famous for its hospitality and many monuments.

Attractions Baltimora

The visiting card of Baltimore is the inner harbor Inner Harbor, around which are focused main attractions – Center for International Trade (1977.) on the north side, easily identifiable by its skyscrapers business district North-west of the bay, buildings PHOENIX SHOT TOWER (1828 g.), Bank of America Building (1924 G.), eight-marched tower Charles Center Office Tower and Highfield House Condominium, And of course – National Aquarium Baltimora, which contains more than ten thousand marine inhabitants of 560 species, and it is moored to its shore from the west vessel-museums. Here, on board ships, is located Baltimore Maritime Museum.

US Cities Baltimore (Maryland)

On Mount Vernon (approximately in the north-west kilometer of the city center) are located Monument to Washington, Art Museum Walters, Conservatory Pibodi (the oldest music school in the USA), a whole series of restaurants and hotels. Eastern starts one of the oldest marine communities in the US – Felles Point. West of Martin Luther King Boulevard Located Bohemian District Sowebo (Abbreviation OT “Southwest Baltimore”), colorful day and pretty unsafe at night. Here you can detect noisy MARKET HOLLINS, Museum of railways In the old station Mount Claire, as well as Baseball Museum Babe-Ruth-Burtplace (as it is easy to guess from the title, most of the player is devoted to one).

Also popular Baltic Basilica (1806-1821. – The oldest Catholic Cathedral in the USA), John Hopkins Hospital (1876.), White Obelisk Mogile Edgar Allan On the Westminster Cemetery in the very center of Baltimore (every year on the anniversary of his death, October 7, the fans of his creativity decorate the grave with roses and a bottle of brandy), Baltimore Museum of Art, American Museum of Visual Arts, Municipal Museum Baltimora (more often it is called Pyl Mewsum) and the most beautiful US baseball league stadium – Oriole Park At Camden Yards.


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