US Cities: Las Vegas (Nevada State)

The main point of attraction for tourists in Nevada – grew up for some 20 years in the heart of Mohava desert City Las Vegas (Las Vegas) – "Gambling capital" USA.

There are about a hundred huge casino complexes, which are both gambling establishments, and hotels, and shopping and entertainment centers. The city lives only at the expense of profits from casino and hotels, so stunning any arrival by the riot of advertising and luxury.

At the Central Las Vegas Boulevard, Casino Pavilions, built in ancient Roman and ancient Greek style, imitating the Sahara and Primorsky Rivier, are casino, "Treasure Island" and small "Church in the west", Pavilions in the form "towers rising to the stratosphere", the circus "NEW YORK in miniature", Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Hotel-Casino "Luxor" and many other extravagant objects. Almost around the clock there are about 130 thousand slot machines, about 200 gambling halls with all accompanying infrastructure, almost three hundred nightclubs, competing with the wealth of ideas and fiction of the producer, more than 45 "Wedding chapels" (Las Vegas – the second after Reno Marriage Center), several dozen thematic parks, circuses and sets of attractions, which occupy the total area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 340 kV. KM.

Among other things, you can walk along the pedestrian Alley Fremont (Fremont Street Experience), passing along the richest casinos, clubs and shopping centers of the city, by the historical center Glitter Galsh (It is from here in 1929 las-vegas began), look after all this riot of paints from the Tower Overview Stratosphyr Tower (height 344 m), visit Museum of Liberia or Auto Museum (Imperial Palace Auto Museum – here and "Rolls-Royce" Nicholas II and "Mercedes" Adolf Hitler, and "Pakkard" Japanese emperor Hirohito), as well as see stunning Bellagio fountains on the territory of the same resort.

In each entertainment complex there is something of its own – luxurious tropical gardens or landscaped parks are broken in some casinos, in others – huge water parks or "historical" Complexes, others are famous for their concert venues and t.D.

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Thank God that the brain did not turn off and we could not heroge and not climb into the desert desert, but to inspect the key points in the nearby radius. What a competent solution! Read more →

US Cities Las Vegas (Nevada State)

Ikorka | September 2012

Las Vegas

Amazing city, it’s hard to describe your feelings when you see it for the first time. This is a bright cheer of flickering lights, but nevertheless there is a charm in it. I’m talking about Las Vegas. Read more →

Merieka | Winter 2016

Las Vegas. USA

All life in Las Vegas flows into a casino or around them. In addition to gambling, both a variety of exhibitions, seminars and presentations organized by large companies are held in them. Read more →

US Cities Las Vegas (Nevada State)

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