US Cities: Orlando

The largest city in Central Florida – Orlando lies on the shore of Lake Eol.

Attractions Orlando

Business card of the city – Quarter Cherch Street Station, whole filled with restaurants, bars and shops. However, the vast majority of tourists come here not behind this – entertainment and thematic parks are concentrated around the city.

Amusement parks

Located 6 km from the center of the city of Pavilions Studios Universal Studios – A kind of combination of existing shooting sites and numerous thematic parks on the history and technology of filmmaking.

At 16 km south-west of Orlando, a huge territory was spread Si-Warld – The most popular sea entertainment park on the planet offering an unimaginable number of show and attractions with marine animals, several dozen thematic pools and a giant transparent tunnel aquarium.

And 32 km south-west of the center of Orlando is the world famous entertainment park Walt Disney Warld, where for 11 thousand. The hectares of the territory are several dozen children’s thematic parks – the city of the future Tumorroulland, "World of fantasy", "Adventure World", "Magic kingdom", Theme Park Disney-Mgm Studio, "Animal world" Plus several other parks of the most diverse themes.

To assess the popularity of these three entertainment centers, it suffices to say that every year the same visitors come to the theme parks every year as many visitors live in the whole staff.

US Cities Orlando

Around Orlando

Also near Orlando It is worth visiting the famous Kennedy Space Center on the island of Merrit and Cape Canaveral (main starting platform NASA), National Wildlife Reserve Merrit Island (NASA uses only 5% of the territory of the island, everything else is given to the wild, primarily migrant birds, Lamynians, Alligators and Turtles), Lamantin Park Blo-Spring, Old Park Peninsula – National Forest Reserve Ocala (about 96 km north-west of Orlando), as well as New Ubi Beach Beach, Wearing semi-official title "the safest beach in the world". On the coast, in the town of Titusville, it is worth a visit Museum and Hall of Fame of American Police.

Reviews and studies of trips

Seaworld, Orlando

Today we will pass in Seaworld Park. In this park last year, the tavern killed the trainer. Whales seem very smart. Read more →

US Cities Orlando

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