US Cities: Santa Fe, New Mexico)

The foot of the High Plateau at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, above the Rio Grande del Norte Valley, the capital of New Mexico Santa Fe (Santa Fe) is considered one of the most colorful cities in the US.

"City of Holy Faith" Not only the most highly mountain state capital, but also one of the oldest and most beautiful cities of America, founded by Spanish missionaries in 1609, that is, ten years before the first migrants reached Plymouth Rock. The city bears on itself a clear imprint of Spanish culture and characteristic "South" Architecture, with numerous old buildings from Samana, bizarre churches and more than two hundred museums and galleries.

Attractions Santa Fe

Santa Fe decoration are Cathedral of Cathed Francis (Basilica of the Cathedral of St. Francis Asizzsky, 1869-1886.) With little Chapel Capilla de Nuera Secret With the Statue of the Rhine de la Paz (the oldest statue of Madonna in North America, 1625.), Canyon Road Street with a hundred feature galleries and whole quarters of characteristic saman buildings of local architecture in Old town (According to local laws, even newly under construction buildings must be undertaken in their appearance elements of style "Pueblo", Although Samam is allowed to replace the painted concrete).

Attractive unusual style Palace of governors (1610 g. – One of the oldest public buildings in the country) on the Plaza Square, which is considered the city center, Chapel Loretto-Chapel (1872 G.) with an unusual spiral staircase, colorful San Miguel Chapel (1610 g., Restored in 1710-1798.), Monastery Guadelupe, as well as built in the form of an Indian symbol of the Sun "Zia" Capitol (one of the most "Young" administrative buildings in the country).

Many tourists visit the three-stage Garden Sculpture Chidoni Foundry In the park of the same name 8 km from the city center. Here is still a foundry workshop, where artworks are cast from bronze.

US Cities Santa Fe (New Mexico)

Museums Santa Fe

The city is considered the third on its scale the art platform in the country after New York and Los Angeles. Among 250 museums and exhibition sites Santa Fe are most interesting New Mexico Museum, International Museum of Folk Art (Here are the objects of the traditional art of peoples of more than 100 countries), Art Museum (the oldest art museum of the state) in the excellent building of the traditional local style (1918.), Museum of Indian Culture and Art (Opened in 1987., More than 50 thousand exhibits of Pueblo, Navajo and Apache cultures) with its own institution (has an extensive collection of subjects of people’s applied classes), Museum of Georgia O’Keff (the most famous artist of southwest US, 1887-1986.) in the building of the old Spanish church as well Museum of American Indians Wilright Camino-Lecho.

Around Santa Fe

East of the city lies the territory of the National Forest Reserve Santa Fe, surrounding the Wildlife of Peko (Pekos) with several mountain peaks up to 3658 meters high and tens of tourist trail.

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