US population

According to the data for 2010, the US population is estimated at 310 million people, including 11.2 million illegal migrants, tentatively living in the territory of the state. About 82% of the US population live in the territories of urban type, t.E. directly in cities or in their suburbs. Approximately half of all residents of the country live in cities with a population in excess of 50 thousand inhabitants.

For 2010, in the US, the population of 9 cities exceeds 1 million people (excluding suburbs), including 3 cities (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago) have the status of mismob’s metropolis. In fact, the importance and significance of many medium and large cities are more, due to the presence of most of them developed «Metropolis» – urban agglomerations surrounding the city. So, in the US there are 52 city agglomerations, the population of which exceeds 1 million people. It should be understood that data on the number of metropolis can vary in view of the features of counting.

List of largest urban agglomerations in the USA

New York 19.1 million
Los Angeles 12.8 million
Chicago 9.6 million
Dallas 6.4 million
Philadelphia 6.0 million
Houston 5.9 million
Miami 5.5 million
Washington 5.5 million
Atlanta 5.5 million
Boston 4.6 million
Detroit 4.4 million
Phoenix 4.4 million
San Francisco 4.3 million

White Americans make up the majority of the US population. It should be noted that the US Census Bureau under the term «White American» Determines all residents of America, whose ancestors were immigrants from Europe, the Middle East or North Africa. At the same time, residents of Latin American origin are a very racially diverse group and thus part of the Latin American population may also be included in the category «White». To avoid confusion in American official statistics, separate data on the white population are given, taking into account / excluding Latin Americans.

US population

US population racial composition (2010)

  • White (including white Latin American origin) – 79.5%
  • White (excluding Latin American) – 64.7%
  • African Americans – 12.9%
  • Asians – 4.6%
  • Indians and indigenous people of Alaska – 0.8%
  • Other races, as well as mixed races

Latin American make up 16% of the population of the United States (almost 50 million people), but their share is constantly growing. It is believed that after 40 years their share will be 30%. Also will noticeably increase the share of Americans of Asian origin, according to experts, they will be 8% of the US population. The share of African Americans will remain about the same. Accordingly, by 2050, white (excluding Latin Americans) will remain the largest group of the population, but their share will be reduced to 46%.


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