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USA – Large state located in the north of America. The country consists of 48 states, which constitute the main part of the country. Half of the United States is covered with canyons, ridges, mountains, the second half is rich in plateau, plateau.

You can travel at this amazing country throughout the year, at any time. In the United States of America, all 6 is created in order for a person to be comfortable and cozy. Tourists from all over the world, of different ages. Paul, racial affiliation often choose exactly this tourist destination. Every year, the flow of vacationers increases by an average of 15%. Get a visa to this country is very simple. The country is so big that its territory lies immediately in several time zones, and to be more accurate in six.

If you wonder «Why go to the USA?» – The answer is simple: for skiing and for the sake of crowded beaches. Even here you can go for the study of American culture and values ​​through numerous attractions. Lovers of noise and shopping straight go to Washington, New York. For the sake of entertainment, especially if you are with a child, keep the course to Orlando. In a word – in whatever state you did not get, everywhere you are waiting for adventures and fun.

  • language: English
  • population: 309 million
  • telephone code: +1
  • currency: U.S. dollar
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: US
  • voltage: 120V
  • current frequency: 60Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type A, plugs and sockets type B
  • USA Holidays in the USA, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide
  • time: 09:10 (UTC-0400)

Top cities and resorts USA

New York


Las Vegas

Los Angeles







The best regions, cities and resorts of the USA

USA – Country of Contrasts, Full Surprises. So where to go first? You can safely keep the course to the main American city – Washington, where it is worth a little journey from the Capitol to the White House. Imagine how much it will be on the face of emotions, when it will be possible to see such famous structures live, and not on the film during the film. You can rush through the streets endlessly, the city is oversaturated by monuments, monuments, museums, skyscrapers.

New York. How many things merged in one word. Home Association – Statue of Freedom. You can experience a fluther by luck in Las Vegas, a city that never falls asleep under the cover of the night.

Family vacation is better organized in Orlando, which built countless entertainment zones and parks. Fans of Hollywood films are likely to go first in Los Angeles, walking around the Beverly Hills district and will visit the Promenade famous for the whole world.

And now let’s talk about the beaches. One of the most famous – Miami, on which there is no uncommon to meet a Hollywood star. If you are a fan of endless parties, luxury hotels and expensive apartments, welcome! Exotic holidays will be offered Hawaiian beaches.

If there is a desire to combine beach holidays with excursion programs, then you in New York. For the sake of fresh water, it is worth going to Chicago.

USA Holidays in the USA, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

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