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Massachusetts tiny state (Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Area 27.3 thousand. kv. km) clapped between the Atlantic Ocean coast and the states of New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut. "Gate of New England", Massachusetts was exactly the place where the famous ship was wounded in 1620 "Maiflauer", and one of the so-called first 13 states of the country. His unofficial nickname – "Bay"" – Perfectly characterizes local nature – low hills in the West smoothly run away to the rugged coast of Massachusetts bays, Cape Code, Baszards and Narraganzette, forming an almost four-bedroom coast, built up with resort seaside towns and fishing villages.

The capital of Massachusetts is the picturesque city of Boston.

USA Massachusetts staff

North-west Boston lies one of the most historical and beautiful cities in the US – Concord. With the shot on his Old-North Bridge, the American war began for independence, and the so-called south passes "The battle’s road on April 15, 1775" Lexington (another colorful historical town 30 km north-west of the center of Boston).

Also interesting Plymouth Plantation – Passengers’ real open-air museum "Maiflauer II" and especially settlements. It is worth visiting the resort Island Nantucket (once a large whaling center, and currently a popular seaside resort), state Forest Mohauk-Trail Park (Area 202.3 thousand hectares) dedicated to the Indians of the Tribe of the same name and their culture, huge CI-BETTLSHIP-COVE COMPLEX In Fall River – the largest parking of warships in the country, extended beach areas and sand dunes around Falmuta and Eastama, numerous reserves on the peninsula Cape Code, Restored whale Commune New Bedford With her marine chapels (it is believed that it is it described in the novel by Herman Melville "Moby Dick") and whaling museum, fashionable resort Martas Vinyard Island (Area 259 kV. km), the most lively resort town of Cape Code – Provinstown, And its oldest city – Santidich (founded in 1637 g.). Can also be interesting Marine Study Center in Woods-Hall and famous Higgins-Arbori Collection In Worcester – the largest collection of medieval weapons and armor in the western hemisphere.

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