USA: Moloka Island (Hawaii State)

Moloka Island (Area 673.4 kV. km) – the fifth size in the Hawaiian archipelago, is 45 km south-east of Oahu and 14 km north-west of Maui. Folded, like most of the group islands, two volcanoes (Oriental milk – 1515 m and Western milk – about 600 m), it is considered "The most Hawaiian" From the islands of the group. Here are the highest marine rocks in the world (they can be seen in the third part of the film "Jurassic Park") and the longest US reef (length of about 40 km). His capital Kaunakakai still has the appearance of the seaside town of the XIX century, and the tourist infrastructure is minimal – the island is more famous for its landscapes, a relaxing environment and a living local community.

Low western half of the island of very dry and almost deprived of soil, one of the few natural areas remaining almost intact, are only coastal dunes of Momomy, which are part of the National Park of the same name. The eastern part of the island lies in the zone of volcanoes and high plateau (up to 1525 m at the Kamakou peak) and covered with a lush rainforest, which is spilled up to 7000 mm rain per year. High forests of this part of the island serve as a shelter for a huge number of representatives of the local flora and fauna and are under the protection of the Kamakou Reserve (it is a house for more than 250 types of endemic plants and some of the rare birds of Hawaii).

USA Milk Island (Hawaii State)

The temptations of the islands include the port city of Kaunakakai with its strange and colorful shops, the foundations of old royal buildings, Mount Kamakou and Waterfalls, Moalow; 500-acre Plantation of COFFIS-OF-HAYA with a small thematic park, Milk Mulk and Cultural Center; The strikingly beautiful Kalaupapa peninsula with 600-meter rocks and the rocky coast (together with the old leproserium, is part of the National Historical Park); The viewing platform of Vaikola-locout at an altitude of 1080 meters, from where the majestic panorama of waterfalls, rocks and ocean opens; Private resort town and working livestock farm Maunaloa-Molokai Ranch (area 21.6 thousand. hectares – almost a third of the island!); a serene beach Momomomy Beach and the Momomomy-Dyns Reserve (at least five varieties of plants are found here, which are no longer found anywhere in the world); The ancient religious center of Polynesian tribes Liilopa-Heiaau (located on private land, so his visit will require permission), as well as one of the longest and deserted beach on the beach of Papahaca (length of more than 6 km).

Sea rest here is not very popular here, because very many of the shores of the island or structures or vice versa – covered with large stone teeth, but on the southeastern tip of milk can find a lot of excellent shores. Almost 35-kilometer east coast comes up for snorkelling, but most of all this island love kayaking fans – here are many water areas with the most diverse conditions, and mountain rivers form winding valleys and estuaria.

USA Milk Island (Hawaii State)

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