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New York State (New York) – one of the most unusual administrative units of the United States, the largest in the group of mediath-deflating states (area of ​​about 141.2 thousand. kv. km).

On the one hand, these are extensive areas of quiet agricultural areas stretching from the ocean to the border with Canada. On the other hand, this is the edge of a wide variety of landscapes – from the wooded springs of the Appalachian mountains and Adirondak (height to 1628 m) in the northeast and the Appalachian plateau and the Allegian mountains (height up to 656 m) in the south-west, the territory of New York smoothly escapes to the lowlands shores Erie and Ontario. And the third characteristic aspect of the state, immediately striking all his visitors, – the colossal metropolis of New York City (more than 60% of the state’s population live in this city agglomeration) and the areas adjacent to him, narrow "corridor" stretched to the southeast, by the ocean. The state administrative center is Albany, however, in any of the districts "Big Apple", As it is often called New York City here, there are much more inhabitants, than in the state capital, and even the second in size, Buffalo (Buffalo) surpasses her at times.

USA New York

North of New York, the valley of the Hudson, replete with charming towns and landscapes stretches. In the West Bank of the River, Harriman’s State Park was spread – a good place for hiking and swimming (there are three lakes), Baar Mountain’s Arming Park is a popular destination for lovers of relaxing in nature (Treilside Park Museum and Zoo contain exhibitions by nature areas and are used as shelter for saved animals). Nearby is the famous Military Academy West Point (West Point, acts from 1802 g.) and university town of the same name – an impressive meeting of red brick buildings and gray stone. Southeast Begins the lands of the most wild fleet of the Eastern Coast – Adirondak. Created in 1882, it covers an area of ​​2.5 million hectares, on which not only many kilometers of virgin forests or sandy coast can be found, but also many large lakes (one of the most popular places for sports fishing in the country) and almost a hundred ski resorts, including famous Lake Placid (Lake Placid), Hunter Mountain and Saratoga-Springs. Also within the state there are state parks of the Allegian Mountains (Allegany State Park, Area 26 thousand. hectares) and Katskill (open in 1885., Area 2.8 thousand. kv. km) – Favorite places of fans of summer and winter holidays.

You can also make an excursion to the resort city Hempton (East Hampton with its historical Lighthouse Montuk is considered the second on the beauty of the Primorsky Village on the coast), in the Indian settlements of Southampton, Niagara Falls (or rather – waterfalls, because the cascade is formed at once in several streams – Amerikhan, Bdeded Vale and Keneidieen Falls), city Lokorport With his complex of vintage gateways, the House-Museum of George Eastman (considered the inventor of the film and the Camera Kodak) with the International Museum of Photography in Rochester or visit colorful city Woodstock, known not only to his rock festival (by the way, in reality Woodstock Music and Art Festival was not held in the city itself, but 60 km south, on one of the farms of the town of Bethel), but also masters of art crafts, as well as relax in numerous resort Towns of Mountains Katskill, Kittatinni and Shonggum. Here, in the Hudson Valley, and is the state capital – the city Albany, The main decorations of which are considered to be the Rockefeller-Empire State Plaza complex and the State State Museum (the oldest and largest museum of this kind in the country).

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