USA, ZAION: where angels were sheltered?

Slides, cacti, deserted – beauty, and only! And most importantly, warm – both in the morning, and in the evening. In Bryce, we frozen, because in one morning the thermometer showed only +5 degrees. And here it is good, already in the morning the sun is hesitating. It seems the day will be very hot.

By the way, the trail, in which we went, called "Caretaker", so or "Guard", who likes more. Probably because it opens a good review at the surroundings.

Going on. Zayon accounted for a bus, because in that part of the park, where all the main paths take the beginning, you can not get on the car. Is that you will have a reservation in the local cool hotel, located just in the heart of the park. We had a book only in a campsite on the outskirts))

One of the distinguishing features of the Zayon – Red Roads. Why they are? Who knows him. Maybe they decided to make them so that they did not get out of the surrounding landscape. It looks very unusual.

Further, our path ran to the emerald pools, and there were as many as three levels.

Everything turned out to be much more modest than painted imagination. Instead of emerald pools, we were met by small turbid puddles.

Waterfalls were also a sad spectacle – trickles in a few drops and all. Yes, apparently it is necessary to come in the spring.

But the valley looks very and very impressive!

The second or third time you see a phenomenon that has never met anywhere. If you look at, the rainbow will be visible around the sun.

Canyon – Main Sightseeing Park Zion. According to him, the Virginia River proceeds, and the slopes are covered with a carpet of greenery. After orange Brys, everything looks very calm and powerively.

After lunch, we went to one of the most interesting trails of the park. Called O "Acute angels" (Angels Landing). The whole chip is that its last part lies in the rise in the steep and narrow ridge of the rock. It sounds terrible, though?

Before you get to the most interesting, I had to overcome the steep rise, which for many can be a real test for strength))

USA, Zaon where angels sheltered

Here is the same. Thought it will be scary to bump, because on both sides only a deep gorge. From insurance – iron chains. But nothing, the panic fear did not arise. However, with us, some guys were afraid to rise, making a few steps, but this, apparently, those that are very, very afraid of heights. It turned out, we are not))

This ridge will have to conquer all the angels who wish to get to the shelter))

Andriusix confidently steps forward and up. In fact, everything is not so scary and dangerous, as it seems from.

Olya-la, we are upstairs! Hmm, but still down to go down. Usually it’s even "More interesting", than climb upstairs. Well, okay, so far, perhaps, we will enjoy opening species.

The whole valley as a palm. It seems that this is the most famous picture from the Zion Park.

Down down also easily, as they climbed. It turned out that this trailer does not constitute anything particularly difficult, in any case, for people in good physical form and without panic fear of height.

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