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I was in Italy many times, so I’ll see the arrogance to give a bunch of tips:

I. Italy is completely clinging to masterpieces and fly by gallop over it. It is better to see a smaller number of cities, but thoroughly and in the buzz, rather than let the sea flags on the map, like I was here, but I can’t see anything. The last day you live, have time to return again. I recommend listening to this advice, since in all other countries I myself spend on the city for no more than a day (except Prague), but as a rule I have time to do everything in a few hours.

II. Rome, Florence and Milan – three cities that need a lot of time. Has Rome and Florence, since the beauties and masterpieces per square meter is clearly with an excess, and Milan has a scattering of these in the city so that even the car helps weakly. HA Rome must be _minimum_ four days, provided that you will look only the same, and move exclusively by running. Otherwise, at home you will regret what they were and did not see the other, the fifth. Florence in sprint abilities above average requires two full days, there will be no time to sleep. Milan is less interesting, but in one day it still does not cover.

III. On the way from Milan, come to Cremona (at least two hours) and, _Cutton_ in Verona. Here in Verona, I managed to see almost everything that I wanted for seven hours in the quantity_ fast pace. Has Venice one day is enough. Although the city is one of the most beautiful in the world, but very small.

IV. HE limit only by mass-tourist trails. In Venice, the beautiful cloth of Titian I discovered in the church (also very worthy), wherees I did not have _ni_noye_ tourist, that according to Venetian standards, almost fantasy, for tourists there to hell.

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V. I already wrote to someone that I fly a charter is much cheaper, I hope to follow this advice, because even if there are a lot of money, then where to spend them in Italy you will find.

VI. Rome is better to go by train. There the car will help a little, but to get tired of the long road – to lose at the inspection of the city. About the price and not saying, tickets are cheaper of the extra two days of rental cars, gasoline and road boards. Tourist buses are less comfortable than local trains, and there is no guarantee that you will get decent places that it is important in the bus.

VII. Haa roads can not be saved . Between any cities, there are both paid and free roads, but they differ as a new MKAD from the highway Uryupinsk-village Gadukino. Time difference is almost twice, and on Rome and Florence, free roads go through serpents, and paid on tunnels, here comments are generally unnecessary.

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