Ustrzyki-dolne (USTRZYKI-DOLNE)

Ustrzyki-dolne (USTRZYKI-DOLNE) – City and ski resort in Poland, enters Subcarpathian Voivodeship. Population 9478 people (2006).

The resort lying on the highway, the so-called small and large travel tracks in the bezen, is an excellent journey base for the rapids high.

Beginges – the only part of the eastern Carpathians located in Poland. This area is characterized by the purity of the environment, a small number of inhabitants and a large area of ​​protected areas, which are part of the Beszhad National Park and numerous reservations.

Clean air, a calm atmosphere and a high level of service contribute to the fact that the boutique area is becoming more and more serious competition for crowded tatras. In winter, here you can find excellent conditions for skiing.

Despite the fact that the height of the highest peak of the boobish does not exceed 1 350 m above sea level, winter here frosty and snowy. The ski season in the rejection district lasts from mid-December until the end of March. The coldest month is February. The average temperature in winter – -3c, and in the mountains – -7c.

The greatest advantage of the area for skiers is the fact that warm winds do not reach the rejections, which would be able to melt up to 20 cm in the course of the day. The thickness of the snow cover fluctuates here from 10 cm in December to 40 cm in February and March.

Ustrzyki-dolne (USTRZYKI-DOLNE)

Remedies-Dolne have the most developed infrastructure for skiing infrastructure. Here, on artificially snowy and covered highways of different degrees of complexity, 7 ski lifts operate:

– Romadzin’s arms, 650 m, height difference – 150 m, the high complexity route;
– Middle romadzin, plate, 350 m, height difference – 70 m, the high complexity track;
– Gromasin small, 180 m, height difference – 15 m, light track;
– Laveort, 1000 m, height difference – 250 m, the track with plots of medium and greater complexity;
– Under the coolest 1350 m, the height difference is 60 m, the track with plots of medium and great complexity;
– Under the cooler 2200 m, the height difference is 40 m, the lightway;
– In the outer, a plate, 200 m, a height difference – 30 m, light trail.

All tracks are available for snowboarding lovers. The first three lifts from those listed above are in the center of remedies-dollar, to the rest there is a convenient entrance. Everywhere there are parking lots and gastronomy. Near some slopes there are rolling points skiing and schools for novice skiers.

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