Utrecht – the provincial city of Holland

Utrecht is called the province of Holland, which is a small, but compact town-state, which includes three channels of channels. Here is a huge number of attractions that should View tourist coming from any end of the globe. Will please the views of extraordinary beauty castle called Haar. And on the northeastern part of Utrecht is one of the most beautiful cities, AmersFort. Architecture belongs to the epoch Middle Ages. It is important that the province is the birthplace of the most magnificent mansions. Among other things, you can meet some lakes in Utrecht, on which you can ride boats or swim in waters. In addition, this place is perfect for cycling.

It is also worth noting a single city of the same name, which is the heart of the province. Utrecht is the oldest city of the province, which was exposed to destruction, and later reconstructed. The main feature of the city is that in its central part there is an ancient area, which in turn is surrounded Two channels. These bunk canals were built in the 13th century. In a summer time, various festivals are arranged in the city. For example, organize jazz events. In September, each year in Utrecht passes by all the famous film festival. In addition, it is worth noting that this is a great place truly is Student city.

Oudegerat area or Noyda

In Utrecht, shopping is well developed. For example, on every week, the medium, Friday and Saturdays are opening a huge market, which is located under the open skill area called Oudegracht or Noyda. A huge number of shops tourists can be found in the central part of Utrecht. In the eastern part of the city, one of the largest shopping centers is located, namely in the area called Vaihelmaynapark. However, tourists love to be purchased by all the necessary goods in a huge Mall, which can be found near the Hoog Catarina Station. So, having arrived in the city by train, any tourist can easily find this shopping center.


Going on a tour of the local attractions of Utrecht, tourists should start their route from the oldest cathedral, which is built in the Gothic style, Domkers. It is notable for having the highest spire throughout the country. Tourists seem to be able to climb the very top of the cathedral to admire the surroundings of the city. In addition, the Town Hall is of particular importance as the attraction. Among other things, you can visit the museum of coins, as well as visit the largest and old Utrecht University. The main and, perhaps, the main distinguishing feature of Utrecht from all other cities of Holland is that they proceed Bunk Channels, which in turn are interconnected with a huge number of small bridges. Near the channels you can find the houses adjacent to them, which are equipped as restaurants and cafes.

Utrecht - the provincial city of Holland

Central Museum of the City

For lovers of history and cultural values, a great place can be the Museum of the Company and Art. In addition, tourists can visit the railway museum and visit the Central Museum of the City. And to see the largest collection dating back to medieval art, tourists should go to Museum of Christianity.

Utrecht &# 8211; This is a truly unique city that attracts a huge number of attractions, museums with unique Exhibits, as well as a huge number of all kinds of shops in which you can spend well time and purchase all the necessary products.

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