Uzbekistan. How bright ceramics are born that tourists love so

It is difficult, believe me, it is very difficult to leave Sunny Uzbekistan and not bring a loved one as a gift, and all friends and boss bright Uzbek souvenirs.

On our channel, we have already shown how the author’s ceramics are made, which is mostly acquired by collectors, and now let’s see how those bright teapots are born, the piles, lygans and all that we are with such joy we carry home.

With friends from Uzbekistan Trevell, we arrived at one of the ceramic factories in Rishtean. In Rashtan, from ancient times, a unique technology for creating ceramic products was developed. Rishtan ceramists – Kuzagars consider themselves the descendants of the founders of pottery and the keepers of old traditions. Rishtan ceramics is distinguished by high technological and artistic qualities.

It all starts with clay. Clay in risetany is special, as the ceramists themselves say, the other is not. By the way, it is mined this clay here, sometimes even in own yards.

To begin with, the clay is chopped up so that it becomes more plastic, immediately remembers working with the test.

Clay ready for work is laid in a special shape and turns into a dish in a couple of minutes in a couple of minutes, rather in a semi-finished product, with which artists and masters on the burning will work further.

Like this look for ceramics.

More complex things are done manually, most often it goes under a certain order and made a master in one copy.

After drying, semi-finished products fall into the hands of artists.

Draft work can be observed infinitely, for for me it is real magic.

Uzbekistan. How bright ceramics are born that tourists love so

The basis of the figure is first applied with a pencil, and then everything becomes color

The authorship of the work is not signed, but if you look at, it can be seen that every artist has a basic woman, their style and their color gamut.

Further in the case joined a pottery furnace. In it ceramics comes to readiness. The process is long and not daily, so we are just lucky that we caught the moment of opening and unloading finished products from the furnace.

Here it is, bright memory of Uzbekistan

We went through the factory shopping and exhibition hall. Eyes run away from abundance of all sorts of dishes. Here and kits for tea, and vases, and plates of different sizes and various purposes.

There are real giants and vase-baby vases. The largest of the VAZ presented here painted several artists for a whole year!

Uzbekistan. How bright ceramics are born that tourists love so

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