Vacation on the territory of the picturesque Amsterdam

Capital Netherlands is one of the largest cities Europe, The historical heritage of the ancestors. Many tourists come here to make a useful and pacifying shopping, and some seek with their own eyes to see the collection of museum artifacts.

There are those who come to Amsterdam Sladen for thirst to purchase light narcotic substances. For someone, the dream is in the area of ​​famous Red lanterns

And others prefer conventional night clubs exclusive fun. Romantic couples with pleasure walking along the medieval streets, walking along the colorful beauty of water canals, and young people strive in Amsterdam for the atmosphere of absolute freedom.

basic information.

Located in the northwestern part of Holland, Amsterdam stands on the river mouth of two rivers: Amstel and Hey.

Its modern name city received thanks to these rivers, the merger of which in translation means "River Dam Amstel".

Amsterdam arose in a distant 1275, when she was still a small fishing village, which subsequently became the port, as soon as the construction of the dam was completed. Already in the 16th century, he became one of the main shopping centers, despite the military aggression on the part of French and English soldiers. In the 19th century, the city has declined and was in such a state exactly until the occupation of Hitler came the end.

Local Attractions.

Square Dame and Royal Palace. This is the main urban area where many historically valuable buildings are located. Public festivals and large-scale festivals passing in the city are held here. Interestingly, the area has nothing to do with women, and such a name arose only from the word "dam".

Most travelers visit this place to admire the beauty Royal Palace.

Vacation on the territory of the picturesque Amsterdam

Majestic buildings plays the role of residence Queen of Holland. Separate rooms of the palace are available to visit outsiders, not counting those days when the government’s important negotiations are held inside.

The Wax Museum. This attraction is located in the western part of the city, on the open area. Madame Tussauds museum – The place that is most popular among tourists who come to look at the wonderful skill.

In addition, there is an amazing Military monument, Come to which you can honor the deeds of the dead. Also on the square is located New church, impressive tourists with their picturesque facades.

Rembrandt Square.

This place is involved in local residents and travelers thanks to the abundance of bars, summer terraces, cafes and open dance sites. In addition, it is here that there is the most huge liquid crystal television screen, which everyone wants to look out of curiosity. The area is decorated with a stone sculpture of the artist and twenty two two figures of bronze.

This composition is a direct personification of the famous Paragraph Rembrandt entitled "The night Watch".

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