Vagator (Vagator)

Vagator (Vagator) – Beach and Tourist Center in Server Goa, India. Located 2 km from Anjuna.

The steep hillside, descending to the beach Vagator, decorates the Fort Chapor, built in 1617 by the Portuguese on the ruins of more ancient Islamic structures. Fort offers a fantastic view of the surroundings. Especially impressive place where the juari river flows into the sea.

The Vagator consists of three beaches: Big Vagator (Big Vagator), Middle Vagator Aka Tel Aviv (Middle Vagator Aka Tel Aviv) and Little Vagator Aka Ozran (Small Vagator Aka Ozran).

Big Vagator Lies right under the Fort of Chapora. Here is a wide beach with white sand and beautiful species. There is a disadvantage: sometimes excursion buses come here with Indian tourists who are yelling and litto. Invasions usually happen at lunchtime, at this time it is better to go to the next bay to the East.

Medium Vagator – A small beach surrounded by cliffs. Beach at the top is the popular Patry-Place Disco Valley. There are quite a lot of Israelis here. Despite Goan laws on the ban of nudism, a swimming topless bathing is common here.

Little Vagator – The most popular beach among holidaymakers. A bunch of Schacks, at the top there is a nain bar (Nine Bar), working with 18.00 to 22.00, and next to him a pretty restaurant and hotel Alcove. Next to Alcovka and Nayne Bar is a shop of fluro-clothing store, which is held by Europeans. Here are fixed prices, in contrast to Hindu benches.

Vagator (Vagator)

Little Vagator is very popular among cows, more precisely, bulls and calves. If you had nonsense to feed them from the hands, get ready for what to get out of them is very difficult. They will find you in a bunch of sun beds and will ask for more as the most real dogs. Which, by the way, everywhere there with excess and which are amazingly friendly with everyone. Even with other dogs.

In a small vagator, there is also a famous shiva carving, a sculptural composition, carved in a rock (by some sources unknown hippie). Nearby is Shek Shiva Place.

Vagator offers a choice of a dozen family hotels, as well as villas that are surrendered for a long time from a month before the season.

Vagator offers a selection of good restaurants with a thick menu and prices for any wallet. Western tourists usually adhere to more expensive places lined up along the road passing through the village, while Indian guests prefer faceless and less expensive risps on the beach. For a meeting of the sunset, Nine Bar is suitable on the top of the cliff in front of the beach, where the techno plays and you can see Alternative Goa in all its glory.

Vagator (Vagator)

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