Val di Fiemma – good riding and excellent apron-ski

In the middle of Dolomites, there is a huge valley of Val di Fiemme – an ideal place for those who prefer a diverse holiday of the mountains and does not want to pay for him a lot of money. Updated in the area, even the most avid skiers and snowboarders will want to try their strengths and in other sports: they will have a chance to ride from the mountains on a sleigh, learn cross-country skiing and skates, at the same time look at professionals and visit competitions in jumping from springboard, skiing federal and figure skating that pass here regularly. And from 10 to 18 March 2012, jazz fans will wait on the 14th festival Dolomiti Ski Jazz: For a whole week, everywhere will perform your favorite music, and you wonder how unusually and unusually widespread on the background of snow-covered mountain peaks!

Every year from December to April skiers and snowboarders slide 140 kilometers not too steep tracks of the three main zones, between which you can move on ski-bass. Most of all in Val di Fiemme will like athletes who prefer unhurried riding, because the total height difference in local slopes is not very large – about 1300 meters.

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  • Val di Fiemma - good riding and excellent apron-ski
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From the capital of Val di Fiemme – the old town of Cavalese – the lift will deliver you to Alpe-Chermiz, from a small village, each area is in Lamathemar – these areas will fit the experienced skiers: the nearways, although not very steep, but newcomers will be uncomfortable on them. In the same place, freeriders are usually broken – around a lot of convenient unintended slopes.

Book a hotel in the capital stands and those who are not going to spend all holidays exclusively on the tracks: medieval monasteries and ancient churches, all sorts of restaurants, bars and noisy discos, swimming pool, rink and tennis court – all this is waiting for you in Cavalese. You will have the opportunity to try on the plain skis: in the vicinity of the main city of Val di Fiemma, Lake Terezo and Passo Lavanese laid 150 kilometers of trails on which the World Championships are constantly held. Or do you prefer trekking? 30 kilometers of locked routes at your service!

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Beginner athletes are better to search for a hotel in the third zone of Catania Valley – in the vicinity of Bellamonte, where quite a lot of simple tracks. And when you get tired of riding unearned slopes, and you will feel that you are worthy of more, on the lifts it will be possible to move three valleys in the best zone – Tre Valley. If you acquire Dolomiti Superski Skipas, you can travel on skis and ski bass not only on this valley, but also to experience the slopes in Val di Fassa and in San Martino di Castro.

There are Val di Fiemma valley and one more dignity: it prefers economical tourists. All elite and absurd expensive resorts are in the distance, and therefore prices in hotels, rental, in stores will undoubtedly please fans of budget recreation.

If you arrive at Verona Airports, Bergamo, Venice or Treviso, use the Fly Ski Shuttle special bus, which runs between the Treviso region resorts every season. One-End tickets will cost 18 euros, "There and back again" – 30 Euro. Wishing to get to local resorts a lot, so try to book a place via the Internet in advance.

Val di Fiemma - good riding and excellent apron-ski

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