Vandrucki party in St. Petersburg: how it was

Ninth June we participated in a breathtaking party from our partners and friends of Vandrucki, they "ways to travel almost free". This is the coolest and largest traveler community in Vkontakte, the channel in Telegram and Standalone Website with regular freebie – hot news, ambitious discounts and tours, air and w / d-tickets.

In June, the group "Vandrukov" in VKontakte rose to a million (!) and the guys decided to celebrate it in St. Petersburg, from where most subscribers. Golitsyn Loft called travelers, bloggers, musicians, partners and among them – us.

Queue for a party

It turned out stylish, more than. Imagine: at the entrance, in accordance with the class of the purchased ticket, you are handing board. Not just imitation of some, but a real printed on the printer of Pulkovo airport.

Then you, as it should be, Stoy in line for landing. And there you are already meeting flight attendants, stamps of the convicts and offer the sweetest in the light of the voice of Velk-Drink. Without departing from prof.Standards and classics of an assortment series, of course: orange, tomato, apple, on the occasion of the holiday – sparkling. During the flight, the drink could have been tackled – an authentic trolley appeared on board a few times after "takeoff".

Ball ruled commander party, dressed, as it should be.

But not only the entourage took Vandrucks, but also a meaningful part – lectures and meetings with bloggers, the performance of a rock band with strong female vocals, DJ-Seated, quiz, draws and packages with gifts, which were presented to everyone, regardless of which class was in landing – economy or business.

The story, which is expected most – the story of the Vandruck, told from the first person – the Creator.

At the party we came not with empty hands – with promotionalists on flights and our White Rabbit. (Learned? In that evening he came to life!) Pants, as the participants of the Vandrukov communities call themselves, could take a picture with him and participate in the competition.

Vandrucks party in St. Petersburg as it was

There were 3000 and 1000 rubles on Kohn, they can be spent on Kupibilet.Ru. Conditions are simple – you are filming with a laperess-bunny, post in Instagram, add Hesteg #kupibilet_vandrouki.

Certificates we played online, giving the opportunity to all be happy with Selfie and rabbit portraits.

And three more certificates we played among those who left us your email.

A couple more presented the winners of the MYQUIZ quiz (by the way with these guys, we have a couple of times did quiz for travelers – online and on the big business fiest festival).

Wandrucks Party has become the harder completion of the 6-day working week. Round out, the most resistant pants lasted until 5 am! We will not make it up, but we have all the hands for the Vandrouki Party to get to other cities.

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