Vanuatu: Ambrirm island

"Black Island" AMBRM lies between EPR and a pentect and represents a huge, almost triangular in the plan, an array of volcanic lava, tuffs and basalts, towering over the sea by more than a kilometer.

The center of the island is engaged in a huge Caldera of an ancient volcano with a diameter of about 12 km framed by two major crater – Marum (1270 m) and Benboou (1159 m), and several small. About a thousand years ago volcano exploded with such a force that about 30 cube.KM breeds were raised to the atmosphere to a height of about 7 km, which changed the climate of the planet for several years. The volcanic activity of Maruma and Benboou does not fall off here for several hundred years (from 1774 g. 48 large eruptions were recorded). Last major eruption (1913 g.) killed a few hundred people and formed a colossal rift across the entire island from the east to the west, as well as a whole pleased side crater "Mars".

Today, Marum and Benboome are still active, and standing on the brow of the crater Maruma, you can see a constantly earning lava lake, and the aircraft, such a manifestation of the elements, can be seen in the Crater, Benboou. Extensive lava plain is completely deprived of vegetation, but the rest of the island is covered with extremely lush flora – fertile volcanic soils contribute to the rapid growth of vegetation. It is not surprising that locals are often called ambrid "Tyne Island" or "Earth before starting time".

Tourists here offer excursions through the Phenla’s passage and lava plain to Kratera Maruma, visiting the folklore village of Runvelanlan, the old mission on Paame Island, the ruins of the port-Wato, destroyed by the eruption of 1913 and the frozen Lava language of 16 km long and 180 m wide. Show famous "Hair Pele" (Thin threads of volcanic glass), in abundance formed on the western slope Maruma, primitive forest of tree ferns in the northern part of the island, as well as the picturesque village of Masters Ranon on the northern coast.

Vanuatu Island Ambrirm

Colorful reefs around the island also deserve attention. Near the Ambris of Reefs, there are few volcanic activities and here caused its damage. But at some distance from the shore, a whole series of luxurious reefs stretches, populated by an unimaginable amount of living beings. In the Strait between the Isles of the Ambrirm and Malkules, you can observe a large population of tiger sharks, with which the local resident associates a specific type of magic, which, allegedly, allows a person or become a shark, or manage the power of will.

AMBRM has a reputation in the main center of witchcraft and magic in Vanuatu. Locals still confess the ancient cults and related ceremonies, many of which are attached to mystical importance. And the sorcerers of the Ambris are famous for the whole country as the best lekari and predictors.

Local handicrafts are also widely known, first of all wood carving, unusual drums with vertical cuts, "Sand drawings" and famous ritual dance "rum", Who is dedicated to the colorful carnival (July-August).

Vanuatu Island Ambrirm

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