Vanuatu: Penthekost Island

Pentetcost Island (Pentecost) is located 190 km north of Efat. The island was opened on May 22, 1768. Louis Antoine de Bougougville, who gave him a modern name.

Penthekost – a picturesque mountainous island stretching from north to south approximately 60 km. The chain of the rocky ridges with the highest point on Mount Vulmat (947 m) shares the rainy east coast and the drier west coast. Non-smoke strip of coastal plains perfect for agriculture.

As in Eromanga, the inhabitants of the Penthekost did not lose their customs and carefully keep their traditions. In the north, Christianity profess and do not stand out among the inhabitants of the islands, in the south, the ancient traditions are sacred, and in a peak "Northerners" Wear National Clothes.

Island Business Card – Famous Ritual Jumps "N’Gol" ("Nagol") who are one of the most exciting and ancient rituals of the Pacific region. Every year, in strictly defined days (usually in April-May), the young islanders make dizzying jumps from the platform, which is built on the highest tree of the county or from a specially built platform with a height of up to 35 m, tied to the legs only a thin harness woven from local Lian. In this case, a prerequisite is touching the ground during the jump, and the highest valor – to touch her shoulders. Being a predecessor of modern "Tarzanka" ("Bangui"), this ritual is performed in memory of the warrior of Tamal, who fell victim to the trick of his wife. But his main purpose is plenty of the gods about the novels of the harvest – according to the local tradition, when contacting the ground in the lower part of the trajectory, men fertilize the land, which gives her fertility and the mercy of the gods.

Vanuatu Island Pentect

In the same ancient rites include "Sand drawings", which can only be seen on Penthex and the neighboring Islands Ambae, Ambrim and Maevo. It is believed to be the islanders before the coming of Europeans did not know written and possessed only the graphics. However, this unique form of art, the origin of which is completely unclear, demonstrates the amazing deposit of style and filigree – according to the canons, it is necessary to portray a series of interconnected patterns on the sandy beach, and at the same time never to cut off the finger from the sand in the execution process. Many scientists believe "Sand drawings" Exculsion of the ancient hieroglyphic writing of the Parazian tribes, finding common features with similar rites of Maori New Zealand, drawings of Nazca and even writing Navajo tribe in Northern America.

In addition, the pentect can be immersed under water in the region of the laronet or visit hot springs in the hotate, watch the cultivation "Kavy" and cocoa in the Melsisi area and climb the mountain Vulmat or rocky capes on the south-west coast, from which the neighboring islands are visible in good weather.

Vanuatu Island Pentect

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