Varaždin (Varaždin)

Varadin (Vara&# 382; DIN) – A small old town in the north of Croatia, located near the border with Slovenia, 89 km north of Zagreb and 240 km from the Adriatic coast. Population – 47,055 people (2011).

The first written references to the city belong to 1181. In 1209, the Croatian-Hungarian King Andrash II gave Varazdin to a diploma of the Volga Royal City, which allowed him to develop into the Economic and Military Center of Northern Croatia.

In the period from 1756-1776, Varagin was the capital of Croatia. In this period, magnificent palaces, monasteries and churches were built in the city, many of them have been preserved so far, thanks to Warartin call «Baroque Open Sky Museum».

In 1776, the fire destroyed most of the city, as a result, the capital was moved to Zagreb. By the 19th century Varazdin was completely restored, rebuilt and expanded.

Today Varazdin is a major industrial and cultural center of the country.

In the summer months, tens of thousands of tourists visit local holidays and festivals. One of the most famous is "ScPqirfest" (ŠPancirfest) – Festival of artists, street artists and musicians. Starts at the end of August and ends in September (lasts within 10 days in the city center).

Varazdin is also known for its "Baroque Music Evenings", passing in the old churches and castles of the city.

Varaždin (Varaždin)

Unfortunately, it is worth recognizing that Varazdin is deprived by the attention of most tourists visiting Croatia.

Due to the distance from the coast, guides and the authors of the guidebooks often forget to mention this beautiful old city, with cozy powerful streets, baroque architecture and magnificent attractions – numerous churches, monasteries and palaces.

The main attraction of the city is the castle complex Stari Grad (Stari Grad), One of the towers of which proudly lists the city coat of arms. Built from late 13 to the end of the 18th century. His powerful fortress towers are interconnected by Renaissance Gallery. Now there is a municipal museum in it (Gradski Muzej), with a curious collection of old furniture and original products of folk crafts.

40 kilometers from the varazhda on the shore of the lake is beautiful neo-neo lock Trakshchan (Trakoš&# 263; AN), which was first mentioned in writing sources in 1334 as a small fortress. From the XVI to the 20th century, the castle was owned by representatives of the famous Croatian genus Drashkovich. Now there is a museum in it, in the exposition of which interiors, weapons and portraits of the members of the family of Drashkovich.

Varaždin (Varaždin)

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