Vartburg – Music Castle and Myths

Many legends and mystical secrets are connected with this fortress to this day. According to legend, it was here that Martin Luther was the devil.

Hidden in the mountains of Thuringia Castle Vartburg, call the most German from all castles. It was built on a high cliff of about a thousand years ago. According to legend, construction began in 1067 by decree of the Count Ludwig Springer. Construction continued for more than a hundred years, but the final form of the castle acquired only in the nineteenth century.

"War of singers"

Thick fortress scenes could tell a lot of legends, because numerous historical events are connected with Vartburg.

The chronicle reports that already in 1206 he was semi-reliable "War of singers" – Competition of poets and musicians – Minnezingers. One of the most outstanding poets of its time Walter von der Fogelweed, for the first time in the knightly lyrics, chanting love for a girl from the people, and the poet Wolfram von Eshenbach – by the poetic knightly novel "Parcifal", incoming in the cycle of novels about King Arthur.

Since 1440, Vartburg becomes a residence of Tyuringen Landgraphs. In 1521-1522, here finds asylum during his expulsion Martin Luther. It is in this castle that he translated into German New Testament. Once, according to legend, the devil came to him in the cell in the chamber, in which Martin Luther launched the inkwell. Since the legends claim, on a wooden wall, from time to time, a dark spot from ink is manifested, non-erasing.

Visiting Luther Celi is one of the goals of numerous tourists who come to the castle.

Idyll and mystic

Vartburg - Music Castle and Myths

In 1777, five weeks in the castle spent Goethe, enjoying the idyllic nature of the Turing Forest. After forty years, in 1817 the castle was chosen for "WartGurCoggo holiday" About 500 German students. In fact, it was not quite a holiday, but a meeting, putting the beginning of a bourgeois-democratic movement in Germany.

According to some reports, in 1938, a meeting of astrologers and clairvifuses of the Third Reich, who discussed the future of Germany passed in the castle in the situation of absolute secrecy.

What attracts tourists

In the oldest building of the castle complex – in the Palace, built in the Ladyoman style in the twelfth century – concerts are now held. Tourists come here to listen to the performances of outstanding performers, as well as to enjoy the charm of the Castle itself listed in the human cultural heritage list of the Cultural Heritage. In the castle museum collected treasures of nine centuries. Among them – carpets, medieval musical instruments, cutlery. But the main thing that attracts tourists is the myths of Wartburg.

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