Vasilyevsky Island – what to see in this area

Territory Northern capital Noteworthy multiple interesting places, But not all tourists are known about them. If you decide to visit the city, we strongly recommend visiting Vasilyevsky island. In today’s article you will learn about this area a lot of interesting and exciting. In particular, Vasilyevsky Islands Rich story, and he literally all "assipated"Cultural architectural yields that are pride St. Petersburg.

Historical facts about sights

It is worth noting that initially this terrain was designed as City Center. In the territory of the island were The most important objects of public. Nevertheless, almost immediately it became clear that for the purposes of this kind, not the best place was chosen &# 8211; Although it did not interfere with the famous sculptors and architects. Professionals of their work managed to make from Vasilyevsky Islands one of The most stunning places in the city.

Mentioned by Initially purpose, Island has yet been exploited from the very beginning of his "existence". It is located on it Construction of 12 colleges, Where at the beginning 18th century Placed Colleges and Senate.

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Vasilyevsky Island - what to see in this area

It is impossible not to note the fact that there are in the territory of the island, loved by tourists, Kunstkamera. it Memorable Museum Testament, which many have even more interested in interest, rather than the majestic urban hermitage Museum. No matter how strange it sounded, but it was erected there Pure randomness. When Peter the Great Walking on another unfinished island, in his thoughts was the creation "Walking Museum". During this walk, the emperor saw a very bizarre unusual pine sucking a few abnormal shape. Ruler The same hour gave her name Tree Monster, and considered that it should be located here Future kunstkamera.

Among other things, the island is also significant location on it Big Avenue. It was planned Through the highway, which would be used for Remove ships from arrows to the Gulf of Finland. As a result, 85-meter large prospect began to perceive, as one of the most large-scale streets St. Petersburg. It is impossible not to say about 6-meter Repina Street, which everyone knows how The most narrow street on the island.

Be sure to visit this area upon arrival in North capital. You will be pleasantly surprised and enthusiastically seen.

Vasilyevsky Island - what to see in this area

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