Vatican – the state of Pope Roman

Vatican consists of a huge complex of structures that were built in many centuries. Here His newspapers, money, mail, railway stations, army. Vatican still attracts tourists and artist worship. If you think about how many property and masterpieces of art owns this state, perhaps, you can call it the richest in the world. Vatican State arose as a contract for settlement of claims and disputes between Italy and the Holy Throne. Documents were signed in 1929 Cardinal, Prime Minister of Italy and the Chamber of the Italian Parliament. Guests of this little and unusual state will be able to see a lot of interesting things attractions.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

The center of the Vatican is Saint Paul’s Cathedral. The church was built in the 17th century, and until now it attracts millions of believers from all over the world. Cabinice building decorate statue Jesus Christ, John the Baptist and Eleven Apostles. You can get inside the church if you go through five gates: Gate of death, good and evil, philaret, sacraments and holy gates. It is through the gate of death going the pontiffs of the Vatican. Inside the cathedral is located Bronze Statue of St. Peter Blessing, which is considered miraculous. Pilgrims believe that if praying, touching the statue, their molbs will be heard. In the hand of the sculpture of the Apostle Peter are the keys to paradise. The last one is fluffy for all Pad Romans Necropolis under the Cathedral of St. Peter, Only the most worthy tombstones are in the cathedral itself.

Museums Vatican

Museums Vatican represent 29 halls with the best works in them. The most famous landmark is The Sistine Chapel. This museum complex has become a real work of art, due to the painting of the walls in a brilliant master Michelangelo. In other galleries you can see beautiful Statues of ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. You can also look at the pictures of the best Italian artists and Masters Byzantium. In addition, in different museum complexes, it is possible to consider objects of art and ancient life of various countries.

Vatican - the state of Pope Roman

Vatican gardens

Half of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis small state occupy Bescrase gardens. This is not just a park, but a whole complex where you can walk among Vintage statues, trees with age-old history, beautiful fountains and waterfalls. Park complex is divided into French, English and Italian sections. In the French area you can see Lourdish grots and huge green labyrinth. Italian garden adorns beautiful trees with red flowers, which are called "Red Acacia". Also in the garden can admire the beautiful azaleas. In English Park Park Guests can enjoy the amazing natural landscape. It would seem that the meaningless sticks of the stones are beautifully combined with sculptures and fountains with waterfalls. Walking around the parks of the Vatican, you can imagine how it looked Gardens in paradise. This feeling complement the flocks of beautiful Exotic birds.

Having visited the Vatican, you can approach an ancient history, visit all the great attractions and admire the beautiful architecture. Vatican is the heart of Rome And it is necessary to visit it.

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