Velvet season – the best time to relax your family

Time flies, and you did not have time to relax with the child? Not trouble, because there is still a beautiful velvet season, which is deservedly called the name "Royal Holiday". This is an amazing time when the days are still very warm, and the evenings please a pleasant cool, and for relaxation with a child is the perfect period.

Than autumn rest is better than summer?

First, in the velvet season already no such extreme temperatures, So, neither the body of your child nor yours, including, will not feel the stressful states related to overheating or burns, and such a rest will bring maximum more pleasant moments. At this time, the maximum benefit will bring rest both in domestic resorts and abroad. An excellent choice will be the sanatorium of the South Strip of Russia with its picturesque pristine nature, where you and your kids will be able to truly relax and improve.

If you still want to the sea, the September holiday in local and foreign resorts will also be as comfortable for you and your little travelers as comfortable as possible, because at this time the air temperature is already smoothed, without extremely high values ​​in the peak of solar activity.

Do not forget about acclimatization, which children are harder than adults. In the fall, the temperature on the coast is closer to the continental, and the sea, heated in the summer, does not have time to cool. As a result – such a rest will be easy and enjoyable for all family members.

Secondly, Obvious savings – All holiday homes, boarding houses and hotels provide significant discounts for accommodation to 50%, plus you have the opportunity to choose your own place yourself, and not to choose from those where there are still places as in the peak season.

Velvet season - the best time to relax your family

Thirdly, Lack of such a large mass of people. Just imagine, you will be able to allow yourself to sleep and calmly go to the beach and take the place you like, and not to get up at dawn, because even 9-10 hours the beach is so clogged that it is simply impossible to go to the sea. And the child will be able to calmly flew the kulichs by the sea, right in your eyes.

Fourthly, in the autumn of often many people begins to torment the Handra or depression due to the shortage of the sun and vitamins. Rested in the velvet season, instead of the beginning of the middle of summer, you It will be easy to avoid autumn handra and wait for the next summer.

All doctors in one voice are ready to state that only the journey into the velvet season can be called a real vacation for the body: the water in the seas and lakes is the most warm, sunny rays soft, the air is incredibly clean and most importantly – the minimum of stress for the body from all sides. In addition, the air temperature during the day is most comfortable for the body, so it will be possible to diversify your holiday to cognitive walks and excursion.

Velvet season - the best time to relax your family

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