Venezuela: Angel Waterfall

Angel Waterfall is in the heart of the Canaim National Park in Venezuela, not far from the border with Brazil and Guyana. This is the highest waterfall in the world (total height – 979 m, the height of a continuous free fall – 807 m).

Interesting story of his opening. November 14, 1933 The pilot James Eindgel committed a single flight to the Devil Canyon in search of a golden river. Returning, he told about the "incredible waterfall height in Mile". Of course, no one believed him.

James returned to Venezuela only four years later. This time he took the wife of Maria (she is the second pilot and navigator), as well as the assistants of Edgel Delgado, Gustavo Eni and Felix Cardon.

Eni and Cardona tried to find the path to the top of the mountain on the ground. However, they could not do this for two weeks. On October 9, 1937, the plane took off from the foot of the Ayan-Tempui, and Cardon remained in the camp. James managed to land at the top of the mountain, but at the same time he suffered a small accident, having fallen into a swampy soil. The chassis were broken. I realized that it would not be possible to repair the plane and takeoff, the group decided to return on foot. Before this, the head of the expedition insisted that the nose of the aircraft pulled out of the swamp: he categorically did not want that he stayed with a screw in the ground. Travelers laid out on the wing from the rags inscription "OK" and went to a long way. After 11 days, they were able to go to the Indian settlement, and from there they were taken by boats.

Venezuela Waterfall Angel

The news of the adventure of the courageous five spread very quickly, and the waterfall received a name in honor of the discoverer Salto Angel ("Angel’s Jump). The plane remained on top of the mountain for another 33 years. In 1970, he was dismantled and sent to the Aviation Museum. Now he is in Ciudad Bolivar in front of the airport.

To get to the waterfall is not easy and nowadays. From the Lagoon Canaima you need to swim a few hours up the river on the boat (the best water transport here are wooden canoes, spent from the whole trunk – such boats are well tolerated by the stones and easily pass numerous thresholds) or fly on a helicopter or plane about an hour.

Water falling from a kilometer height flies to the base in the form of the smallest dust. Tepper Tip then and it is hidden in the clouds. Sometimes the clouds are lowered down and jungle envelopes fog. Local Indians, Peremonov, consider Mr. Marvari residents, and waterfalls – one of the incarnations of these spirits. Mount Ayang-Tempui, they call the "Mount of the Devil", but they assure that a person who has ever seen a waterfall, gets vitality from him. Mysterious MARVI of small growth, wear gold jewelry, like ancient incons, and do not like to meet with people. Peremonov leave for them a treat on the table for the night. It is said that in the morning it disappears. Maybe it’s a legend but who knows? Jungle – huge and mysterious.

Venezuela Waterfall Angel

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