Venice in one day &# 8212; Castello

The third part of the Venice Guide. We continue to get acquainted with the city. I remind you that the guide is called Venice in one day. We broke it on the part only because it turned out to be very big, but they all describe the route of one day Through Venice.

Parts of the guidebook are better to study consistently if you did not read the previous ones, it is better to start from the beginning: Venice in one day

Venetian cycle

Part 3

Castello – the largest area of ​​Venice. Attractions here are a lot, and all of them are scattered around the area, and in the streets of streets you will still have time. Along the channel Foundation dei Mendikanti (Embankment beggars) you will go to the square where the shiny corners are Skol Grande di San Marco (there is now the Museum of Medical Instruments) and a big church Dzanipolo (Giovanni and Paolo). This church deserves attention to the abundance of the sarcophages of the guy and noble Venetians, trimmed in such a time that it is sometimes impossible to believe that these masterpieces are made by people.

Turn left and by Salitzada Dei Giovanni and Paolo go to the second turn, turn right and blatherly shout directly through the channel on this street to intersection with Calle Lunga Santa Maria Formosa . Turn right away, and will soon find yourself on Campo Santa Maria Formosa , Where is the church of the same name. The church is notable and by itself, and the fact that on the facade of its bell tower over the low door of the wall gets out The face of the charming freak , also mysterious origin.

Venice in one day; Castello

By the way, the street for which we went to the square in the arc of our end is notable for the famous book collapse "Acqua Alta" , And right in the middle of this street there is a narrow door in Cafe "Mascaron" , where often caught I. Brodsky . But this information between the case, and we go further get acquainted with the city.

Bypassing the church behind and finding the street Ruga Juffa , Step on it while going through the channel, do not ride in Osmarar Foundation , Turn the right and go along the embankment to turn left, go to the courtyard and – in front of you Church of San Zecharia . Keep in mind, this is not just a church, but the picture gallery, there is golden girl in the chapel San Tarasio And ancient Flooded crypt , where the first Venetian friends rest. From San Zaharia go out and turn left, and in a couple of minutes you will find yourself on Riva Schyabony . This is just that world around the world Famous Venetian Embankment . Left to go, you will reach the arsenal, the pearls of Castello, gardens and biennale, to the right – to Doge’s Palace and Piazza San Marco .

But since we just get acquainted with the city today and we plan your future routes, I propose to turn right and join the crowd of the city of the city to go through The heart of Venice . Slovenian embankment (sometimes translated as the "embankment of slaves") introduces us to the central region of Venice San Marco &# 8212; Ready&# 8230;

Venice in one day; Castello

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